What exactly is Python employed to do? Ten practical Python uses

Although it was initially an experiment for fun that was named in honor of Monty Python, Python is today among the top well-known and widely-used programming languages around the globe. Apart from software and web creation, Python is used for machine learning, data analytics, and design. We review some of the ways to use Python and why it's a well-known and versatile programming language. We've also selected some of our most popular classes to learn Python and suggestions for beginners' Python projects.

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Python The basics

Before we go deep into the specifics about what Python can accomplish using Python, Let's look at some basics to be precise. If you're looking to master programming languages, the following basics will assist you in understanding the reasons why Python is a great option.

What exactly is Python?

In our post summarizing the different languages utilized to accomplish, Python is an object-oriented (based on data) and higher-level (easier than humans grasp) programmer. The first version was released in 1992. it's designed in a manner that is easy to write and comprehend. This makes it the ideal programming language for those looking for rapid development.

If you're thinking about who uses Python and how it's used, you'll see that the majority of the most prominent organizations around the globe use it in some way. NASA, Google, Netflix, Spotify, and countless others utilize the language to power their services.

What is Python? Why Python is So Popular?, Source: Youtube, Programming with Mosh 

What is it that makes Python so well-known?

Based on the TIOBE index that measures the popular programming languages have, Python is the third most popular programming language globally, lagging only in Java and C. The reasons for this are a variety of reasons for the widespread popularity of Python among them:

  • Its straightforward syntax. Python is relatively simple to understand and read because its syntax is more than English. Its simple layout ensures that you can figure out what every line of code does.
  • Its vibrant community. Since it's an open-source language, anyone can utilize Python to program. Furthermore, an active community helps and grows the ecosystem, making contributions of their own and libraries.
  • Its flexibility. We'll look into this in greater depth; Python uses various ways. It doesn't matter if you're interested in using it in data visualization, artificial intelligence, or web development; you'll discover a need for the language.

Why should you learn Python?

We know that Python is very popular today, But why do you need to master it? In addition to the simplicity and flexibility mentioned earlier, There are many compelling reasons to learn Python:

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python | Learn to Code and #changetheratio with Hackbright Academy, Source: Youtube, Stereotype Breakers

  • Python developers are in demand. With a broad range of areas, there's a need for people who have Python abilities. If you're planning to begin or improve your job, this could be an essential skill that will help you succeed.
  • It can be a career path that is well-paying. The data suggests that the median salary for Python abilities is approximately PS65,000 for the UK.
  • There are a lot of jobs to be had. Since Python is a tool that can be utilized in various emerging technologies, like AI machine learning, machine learning, or data analysis, it's likely a future-proof ability. Learning Python now could benefit you throughout your career.

Which is the length of time it will be for you to learn Python?

As we've previously mentioned, Python is a relatively easy programming language compared to other languages. It's, therefore, possible to master the basics in only several weeks. A majority of our classes, like Beginning with Python, take 6-8 weeks to complete with just the equivalent of a few hours of training needed each week.

If you're seeking a deeper study, there are options to choose from. For instance, our advanced learning and Python programming ExpertTrack course takes approximately 21 weeks of study to finish, with 5-6 hours of learning required each week.

What exactly is Python employed to do?

Python is a well-known and sought-after skill to master. But what exactly is Python programming applied to? We've briefly discussed the various areas for which it could be used and have expanded on these and many other Python examples in the following paragraphs. A python is an excellent tool for:

What Can You Do With Python – Computer Programming (Guide), Source: Youtube, Clever Programmer 

1. Machine learning and AI

Because Python is a highly reliable, accessible, versatile, and simple programmer, the language is ideal for various machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) projects. There are a variety of Python machine learning and AI libraries and applications available.

Suppose you're interested in this particular application of Python. In that case, the courses Deep Learning and Python Programming for AI using Microsoft Azure ExpertTrack can aid you in gaining knowledge on these topics. You will learn about the benefits of Python and deep learning while increasing your skills in AI.

2. Data analytics

Like AI or machine learning, Data analytics is a rapidly growing field that uses Python programming. As we're creating more information than ever, there's the need for professionals who can collect and organize the data.

Python to be used for data science and analytics is a good choice. It is easy to learn, versatile, adaptable, and well-supported. This means that it's fast and straightforward to work with when analyzing data. When working with large quantities of information, it's an excellent tool for manipulating data and carrying the repetitive tasks.

3. Web development

A python is an ideal option in web-based development. This is due to the possibility of having several Python web-based development platforms that you can choose from, like Django, Pyramid, and Flask. These frameworks were used to build websites and other services like Spotify, Reddit, and Mozilla.

Python Web Development | Web Development Using Django | Python Django Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Edureka

Due to the numerous library and modules included along with Python frameworks, features such as database access, content management, and authorization are all achievable and readily accessible. With its many possibilities, it's no surprise that Python is so popularly used to develop web applications.

4. Game development

Although it's not an industry standard for game creation, Python does have its applications in the game industry. It is possible to develop simple games with this programming language, so it's an excellent tool for rapidly developing the prototype. In the same way, some features (such as dialogue tree creation) are possible with Python.

5. Language development

The elegant and simple layout of Python, along with its syntax, indicates that it has influenced the development of many new languages for programming. Languages like Cobra CoffeeScript share the same syntax as Python.

This also implies that Python is an excellent intermediate language. In other words, if you're entirely a novice to the world of programming, knowing Python will help you expand into other areas faster.

6. Finance

Python is increasingly being used in finance, particularly in areas like qualitative and quantitative data analysis. It can be an effective instrument in determining the price of assets patterns and forecasts and automatizing workflows across various data sources.

7. SEO

Another somewhat unexpected inclusion to our top list of Python applications is SEO or search engine optimization (SEO). This field can usually be automated, which is possible with Python. If it's about implementing changes across several pages or categorizing terms, Python can help.

Automating SEO with Python with Hamlet Batista, Source: Youtube, Agency Automators

New technologies like natural processing of language (NLP) will likely be of interest to those who work in SEO. A python is an excellent tool for learning these NLP abilities and understanding how people search and search engines display results.

8. Design

If you're thinking, "What's Python employed for?' you didn't expect design to be on the list. But, Python can be used to create graphic design software. Surprisingly, the language can be employed in various imaging software 2D like Paint Shop Pro and Gimp.

Python can be utilized in 3D animation software like Lightwave, Blender, and Cinema 4D, showing how flexible the language can be.

Python programs for those who are just beginning

If you're looking for ways to use Python and who else uses Python, we've offered numerous suggestions for ways to make use of it. But what the case that you're new in the Python language and would like to be an expert Python developer?

Below, we've provided Python projects for novices. These will help you expand your understanding and challenge your programming skills. language:

Python for Beginners - Learn Python in 1 Hour, Source: Youtube, Programming with Mosh 

  • Create a game that involves guessing
  • Design a game based on text.
  • Create a simple Python calculator
  • Write a simple, interactive quiz
  • Create an alarm clock

Once you've grasped the basics of Python and Python, each one of these will test you and allow you to sharpen the skills you've learned.


This concludes our discussion of the various applications that Python programming is an excellent choice to accomplish. As you can see, numerous applications use the popular language, along with a comprehensive support system and a comprehensive collection of libraries that could assist.

There are a variety of reasons you should consider studying Python. It's a dependable and in-demand skill set needed in every industry. Furthermore, we offer many options of Python classes that can assist you in learning the basics or building more specific capabilities.

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