Create a mobile game using the easiest method. Make use of an application framework

Do you want to design an app for mobile but don't know where to begin? It's not as difficult as you think. Just make use of the framework for games! A well-designed framework takes the hassle off of developing. Beginning developers can utilize frameworks to build games using very little code. For experienced developers, they can use them to accelerate the development process.

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Why should you use a framework?

If you're an experienced game designer or just beginning to create the first games, a solid game framework can help you make life easier. Game frameworks can be simply a set of code compiled into a library written in one specific language, such as JavaScript, or more complicated systems of tools, scripts, and workflows built for a particular platform.

The frameworks are created to accelerate your game's growth. The last thing you need to do, particularly at the beginning of your game, is reinventing the wheel. Here's a quick overview of the items to be looking for in a quality game framework:

It includes collision and physics and handles inputs to speed up the development process.

What is a Framework and Why use Frameworks, Source: Youtube, Bitfumes

It comes with a good document and a vibrant community to help you with your questions.

It is a good match for your level of expertise and is simple to master (drag-and-drop creation for those who don't code as well as access to low-level programming for experienced developers)

It allows you to make your game available to the most diverse platforms is

To get you to begin the process in the right direction, I've created an alphabetical list of what I believe are the most effective frameworks. They all work well on Fire OS devices, and I've listed them from the easy to the most complex according to the criteria mentioned previously mentioned.

Construct 2 (beginner)

It's a lot easier than Construct 2... It utilizes a drag-and-drop behavior system that allows you to create game logic using pre-written scripts attached to the game's elements. Examples include sounds, music characters, and scoring.

Platformer Game #1 - Beginning - Construct 2 Tutorial, Source: Youtube, RedFoc Tutorial

Construct two games are developed using HTML5 (although it is unnecessary to write code). This is fantastic to publish your games online. Construct two matches are compatible with various platforms, as well.

The most apparent drawback of Construct 2 is that you cannot code the game itself, meaning you're dependent on what Scirra offers. Although you can add more functions using extensions, this isn't the best option for those with an engineering background who wish to modify things manually.

GameMaker (beginner to intermediate)

GameMaker can be described as an incredibly robust 2D games-making software. Many well-known and profitable indie games, like Spelunky and Hotline Miami, started out using GameMaker.

Beginner's Guide to GameMaker Studio 2, Source: Youtube, Shaun Spalding

Like Construct 2, GameMaker is simple to use since you can drag and drop event-based programming. Advanced users can benefit from its built-in scripting language, GameMaker Language (GML). It is a derivative of C and Java, so when you're proficient in C, JavaScript, Java, and C#, you'll feel easy to learn. However, this language has limitations, such as the absence of classes and the limited data structure.

Although GameMaker's UI requires some time to get familiar with, it's a fantastic tool to play 2D games. Its publishing of games to mobile, desktop, and HTML5 is an absolute advantage.

Unity (intermediate to advanced)

Unity can be described as a general game framework in the present. Like GameMaker, It comes with its developed environment (IDE), allowing drag and drop different behaviors. Unity will require basic coding skills to start.

Game Architecture Tips - Unity, Source: Youtube, Dapper Dino

While Unity's IDE is user-friendly, it's still a 3D tool, which means it requires a certain amount of understanding before creating. Unity can be used with three languages: UnityScript (similar to JS), C#, and Boo.

Unity comes with the option of a free version, which allows you to export your game to desktops and mobiles. Of course, it displays the Unity logo at the start of the game. The Pro version is expensive, but it has many essential features for advanced game developers.

HTML5 (intermediate to advanced)

Does it sound odd to imagine HTML5 as an application for developing games?

There are instances where you need to have control over every part of your code, and, believe it or not, HTML5 is great for this. It's one of the very few game frameworks that let you utilize a single code base for multiple platforms and include the browser on desktops and mobile devices.

Introduction to HTML || Advanced HTML Element || Part 3, Source: Youtube, Web Dev Simplified 

There are a variety of excellent HTML5 frameworks available. The two most well-known frameworks are the Impact ($100 license) and phaser (free). Remember that you'll need to maintain compatibility with browsers across mobile and desktop devices, and native app distribution remains an issue. In many cases, you'll need to bring your tools into the development process.

However, having your game run flawlessly on mobile browsers without the need for a plugin can open doors to possibilities that aren't available on a native mobile application store. We know this, and that's the reason we make it easy for you to create and test HTML5 games on our devices using Our Web Application Tester.

Godot (advanced)

Godot is a brand new, entirely open game engine developed by an open-source developer that merits an earful of attention.

How to make your bullets look awesome in Godot - Advanced Trails, Source: Youtube, picster

I haven't yet tried it; however, it appears promising, so I decided to make sure it was on the radar of other developers. It is a scripting program similar to Python and is said to export to various platforms. I'm hoping to explore Godot further within the next few months. I'm very thrilled about the fact that because Godot is open source, it's possible to open the hood and play in the engine.


I could write a complete book on all the different game frameworks and platforms; However, I'm not trying to overload you with too much info at this point. The positive side is that even when you're only beginning to get on the ground, there's a good chance that you'll find the perfect structure that fits the requirements of your sport or abilities.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.