The Most Popular Instant Messaging Applications for Linux

Keep in touch with your loved ones with these instant message apps for the Linux desktop. It's vital to contact your family and friends due to our human nature to be social. Instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and many more have revolutionized the fundamentals of communication. Their accessibility is a must-have choice. With the advancements in digital communication, The Linux community has instant messengers, winning over users of the top operating systems and free-of-cost OSes. Here are the top instant messaging applications for the Linux desktop.

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1. Telegram

Telegram is an easy instant messaging application that allows one-on-one or group communication across Linux and other mobile and desktop platforms. It's a highly rated application that offers high-quality VoIP services, along with text chat capabilities.

How to use Telegram, Source: Youtube, App Of The Day

It has a simple but user-friendly interface. Telegram can be used for secure messaging and make use of its sticker packs that are fun to make your communications more lively. Telegram can help users through its active business communications while on the move.

One of the most reliable features is the auto-deletion of accounts that are not active. This will ensure that the chats you haven't attended don't get into the wrong hands.

2. Franz

Franz is an open-source messaging application that you can run for the Linux desktop. It provides a secure messaging platform with many features.

Franz isn't a stand-alone messaging application, however. Instead, it combines top-quality services such as Slack, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Zendesk, etc. It offers an integrated platform for communicating with the users in one location.

All the Messengers in Franz #30DaysOfVideos, Source: Youtube, Chris Spiegl

Franz lets you use it for personal as well as business communications. With the help of automation, you can plan and organize your chats. With Franz, it is possible to establish multiple accounts and separate them into separate workspaces to accommodate different teams, agendas for business, and other team members.

3. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest apps listed on this list. It remains an instant messaging service that Linux supports. It provides worldwide VoIP assistance to your contacts. You can also use your data and internet services using its locally provided low-cost mobile and landline calls.

How to use Skype, Source: Youtube, Tech Insider 

Thanks to its P2P communication capabilities, Skype helps you conduct conference calls and make securely encrypted calls for personal and professional reasons. Skype has been the benchmark for high-quality VoIP calling, with minimal use of data.

4. Jami

Formerly called GNU Ring/SFLPhone, Jami is a peer-to-peer softphone and SIP-based IM application. It has developed through a blend of community-driven and developer-led efforts to quickly develop into an open-source alternative to Skype.

Jami lets you effortlessly connect with your contacts on different mobile and desktop platforms. Jami provides end-to-end encryption and authentication capabilities for your communication using the distributed hash tables.

HOW TO COMMUNICATE PRIVATELY WITH JAMI, Source: Youtube, Savoir-faire Linux

Jami offers excellent VoIP features, screen sharing, conferencing, and privacy-focused features. It also supports multi-account for different workspaces.

5. Discord

Discord is compatible with Linux, Windows, and smartphones. It is designed to improve gaming cross-platform and non-gaming communication on Linux.

Its channel-based, social media-like group messaging system lets users engage with others who aren't on your contact list interested in certain groups.

How To Use Discord (2022), Source: Youtube, Tech Insider 

Discord's most significant benefit is its integration capability; it can be integrated with several applications to improve its instant messaging features.

It is also possible to run Discord as an online client. Discord is the ideal messaging service to communicate with people you know on Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices.

6. Gajim

Gajim can be described as a GTK-based open-source Jabber/XMPP chat application on Linux. It can also be used as a multilingual, networking, and business productivity application, making it a cult favorite.

The application provides a highly functional user interface with the PyGTK GUI library base. The light and speedy messenger comes with icons, URL grabbers bookmarks, avatars, and dictionary features, as well as search engine lookups to improve your experience.

Gajim - Ein XMPP/Jabber-Client für den Desktop, Source: Youtube, Linuxus

Gajim protects your communication with OMEMO, OpenPGP, and PGP encryption certificates. It is possible to enhance your contacts by using Gajim's vast library of plugins.

7. Slack

Slack is a communications and productivity app that runs on Linux. Its user-friendly interface lets you manage your tasks for business makes it easier to manage contacts, and even renders VoIP with stunning clarity.

HOW TO USE SLACK | Business Communication Tool (Slack Tutorial for Beginners) 2022, Source: Youtube, Stewart Gauld

It lets you create an entirely separate workspace for collaboration with your team members. You can also create different channels for discussing various topics with only members. It is possible to integrate Slack into your emails account and business account for project management to streamline your operations even further.

Slack lets you automate tasks and communication strategies for more effective business management. It is easy to publish rich content on Slack using E2E encryption to safeguard your communications hub.


Setting times that allow for the automatic deletion of old messages is possible. Additionally, you can also establish groups to chat and share files. You can rest assured that Signal offers a variety of stickers, in addition to the usual emojis, to make your chats more attractive.

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