Top Chat Apps Free for messaging on your phone or PC

Do you want to send messages using your mobile and your PC? Make use of these chat apps for free to keep the conversation going wherever you travel! Ideally, it should work on both desktop and mobile. What cross-platform and free chat apps can you download? What are the top instant messaging applications that are available? Continue reading to learn more.

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1. WhatsApp

Despite the purchase by Facebook and the concerns about the advertising platform, WhatsApp remains the world's most used messaging app in a significant way. As of the date of this article's writing, it had over 2.5 billion active users per month, and it's continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Down.

How to Use Whatsapp - Beginner's Guide, Source: Youtube, Howfinity 

What about cross-platform chat? WhatsApp indeed has apps available in its Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There's also a website application (which you require a QR code to sign into) and desktop applications that are standalone for both Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, there's no Linux alternative to WhatsApp.

Other noteworthy WhatsApp features include:

  • Video and voice chat.
  • Groups of up to 256 participants.
  • End-to-end encryption for all messages.

2. Telegram

Windows users will want to learn about the top messaging applications for their PC. We believe Telegram is the most reliable Windows client of all the options.

The app is very light, quick, speedy, and loaded with the same features available in the mobile versions. In contrast to WhatsApp, it doesn't require scanning a QR code to sign in. Your phone number suffices. Incredibly, Telegram even has the option of a portable Windows application; you do not need to download it onto your computer, and you can use it on any Windows computer you're working on.

How to use Telegram, Source: Youtube, App Of The Day

Telegram includes a macOS client as well as apps to Android as well as iOS. It's also the first chat application that is free that is listed on this list that supports Linux.

A few Of Telegram's most valuable Telegram features include support for self-destructing messages groups that can have as many as 200,000 members bot integration and the capability to plan messages for the future.

3. Line

The Line is among the most popular apps for communication in Asia. It is the most popular app for Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

How to Use Line App Full Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Masterclass

Fortunately, Line also boasts impressive cross-platform compatibility. Line applications are available on PC, macOS, Android, and iOS. You can also download Line Chrome as an extension Line Chrome extension if you wish to send messages using your internet browser instantly.

Alongside its chat feature, Line doubles as a video messaging application and real-time location sharing. 

4. WeChat

WeChat ranks third as the most used messaging app on the planet after WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. If you're looking for a no-cost chat application to communicate with people from China, This is the best option. It's the most popular instant messaging application in the country.


It's also a free chat application that has solid cross-platform support. You can get standalone WeChat versions for Android, iOS, and desktop. Although WeChat provides messaging applications to Windows and macOS, there's no Linux version. If you're using a Linux distro, you'll have to utilize the service's web-based application to communicate with your fellow users.

Other top features available on WeChat are:

  • Video messages.
  • Personalized stickers.
  • The "Moments" streaming (akin similar to Instagram Stories).
  • Real-time location sharing.

5. Skype

Another one of the top messaging programs for PC is Skype. Most Windows people have an account, and it's fully integrated with other operating system apps, including Mail and Calendar.

Cách sử dụng Skype, Source: Youtube, Tech Insider 

Skype is an instant message and video chat application combined into one. 

Alongside Windows versions of Skype on the Microsoft Store, it is also accessible for Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The web version is also available but is more restricted in terms of features than the desktop version.

6. Viber

The next app on our list of chat applications is Viber. It's often viewed as a direct rival to WhatsApp. However, while they have some features in common (such as encryption from end to end and video and voice calls and private group chats and integration to Google Assistant and Siri), There are some significant distinctions.

For instance, Viber has a feature known as Viber Out. It's a VOIP service that lets you call landlines and mobiles all over the globe. You can also keep track of public chats and accounts and create confidential conversations or even engage in games in the Viber application.

Welcome to Viber!, Source: Youtube, Viber

Whatever the differences, Viber remains a popular instant-chat service. It supports cross-platforms which means that apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Like WhatsApp, it also has an app for the web that requires a QR code to sign in to the app.

NOTE: We previously covered why we abandoned WhatsApp to Viber in an in-depth explanation.


When you're choosing the most effective chat application for free to meet your needs, there are two essential things to think about. First, is it possible to use it with the equipment you have? Then is the person you'd like to contact connected to the system?

Suppose any of these are suitable for your needs, excellent. If not, share your preferred options by contacting us on social media.

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