Five Google Chrome tabs and bookmark hacks that make your life easier

The introduction of the browser tab and bookmark function has enhanced the efficiency of online users. As opposed to having several windows running, you could instead have multiple tabs open in one window. This feature will help you to organize your workflow by making it possible to open a set of web-based apps or areas in their windows. What happens if you wish to further manage your work by subgrouping similar web applications or regularly bookmarking open tabs? Here are five suggestions to enhance your bookmarking experience and Chrome tab.

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1. Select Multiple Chrome Tabs

There are two methods to choose tabs. If you wish to select several accounts next to each other, use the shift key. Then, select the first tab you'd like to choose and press the down key; hit the Shift key similar to the last account on the opposite side. This will set the tabs that are first and last and all tabs between them.

How to Use Multiple Chrome Tabs at the Same Time | Tab Resize - split screen layouts, Source: Youtube, Cazzon

If you wish to pick particular tabs, hit the Command key and the Command key. If you press this key, you will select the accounts you want. Chrome will then highlight each tab by highlighting it.

2. Tabs for Group and Move

When you're conducting research online or using multiple online applications that you have to open simultaneously, sorting and grouping your open tabs in a window can be an excellent method of streamlining your workflow. You can organize the accounts you are currently open according to the color you use in Chrome. You can also assign these groups to make it easier to manage and sort.

How to Use Group Tabs When You Combine Media & Elements in Camtasia, Source: Youtube, TechSmith 

You must select the tabs you'd like to group. You can utilize Command (or Command) to establish several accounts that aren't together or shift to select multiple side-by-side tabs. You can also choose the number of checks you want to combine from a single charge to the number of accounts you're open.

After you've finished, right-click on any tab that you have selected, after which you can choose to add tabs/tabs to create a new group. You can choose to identify the group, and you may also select one of the eight colors to identify the tab group.

3. Tabs and Groups Tabs as well as Groups of Tabs and Groups to a new or an Existing Chrome Window

If you'd like to transfer one tab to a different or an existing window, you can do it by clicking right within the window. If there is no current Chrome window open, you can select to move the tab to a new window from the contextual menu.

If you have another Chrome opening window, you can click on the Move tab in another window submenu of the contextual menu.

Choose a new window If you wish to change it to a different window. However, if you want to relocate it into an existing window, there will be a list of available windows beneath "New window." Click on the window in your browser to which you would like to transfer the tab, and then you're done.

It is also possible to move tab groups into an additional window. But, you cannot transfer tab groups to a previous one. To assign tab groupings, select the right click on the group's name or color and select the option to move the group to open a new window. Tab group should be opened in a new window.

Use Tab Groups in Google Chrome to stay organized, Source: Youtube, Chris Menard

Another way to move tabs and tab groups is to move them by clicking and dragging. Hit the invoice you wish to move, and then move it from its current window. The bill will then open within its account.

If you want to move it into a different window, make sure to have the original and the receiving window open. Choose the tab you wish to move, and drag it onto in the bar that is the name of your window that is receiving.

The same can be done for tab groups; however, instead of pressing tabs, it is necessary to hit the tab group's shade to drag it and drop it. Additionally, this method of shifting tabs or tab groups between windows is the best option for those with many monitors or many of them.

If you have several Chrome windows open at the same time, you may also change the name of each one to help you arrange them, too. Then, right-click on any portion in Google Chrome's Title Bar that isn't populated with icons or tabs, and then, from the contextual menu, select name window... and select a name this subwindow will be opened. Input the name you'd like to use and click "OK."

4. Bookmark Your Tab Groups

The bookmark can be saved in a customized directory; however, click away if you do not want to alter the settings. Chrome will save the bookmark's default name and put it in the bookmark folder you've previously used.

Using Browser Bookmarks and Tab Groups to Automate Daily Routines, Source: Youtube, Nick Janetakis

If you bookmark all tabs within a browser that opens, an bookmark all tabs window will appear. You can select the subfolder that you would like to keep your bookmarks. Select the bookmarks bar if you wish to make it easy to access. You can also specify names for the tabs you want to bookmark to improve the arrangement.

After saving the open tabs, you'll be able to see the name you chose in the bar for bookmarks. Tab groups will be stored in their subfolders, and accounts that aren't grouped can be located in the same folder under the Bookmarks tab.

5. Fastly Access Your Chrome Bookmarks

In addition to saving web pages to be used later, You can also use bookmarks to make opening your most frequented websites simpler and faster. By default, the bookmarks bar is only visible in a brand new blank tab.

If you'd like to access your bookmarks, even when you're on a different site, it is necessary to enable this feature in the settings.

How to Manage Chrome Bookmarks Like a Pro (Website Tips), Source: Youtube, Simpletivity 

To do that, you need to go there to Google Chrome settings by clicking on the three-button menu in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Within that menu, select the Settings tab.

When the Settings page is open, select Appearance from the menu on your left. In the window for Appearance, you can click on the Bookmarks bar displayed slider. Your bookmarks bar will show up in the address bar of Google Chrome.


Utilizing the tab groups, tab tabs, and bookmarks, you will be able to access every page you require with a single click.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.