The best Android apps: Must-have applications for each Android user

With millions of apps available on the Play Store, searching for the top among them can be overwhelming. If you're looking for a top weather app or a brand new device to boost the efficiency of your work, there are many options. 

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Indispensable Android apps

Indispensible apps are those that most Android users will probably require to install for the seamless operation of their phones. They include mainly vital applications such as keyboards, browsers security, personalization, and security applications. Although most of them are already installed on Android phones, occasionally, it's an excellent idea to download a different application that (usually) has more options than the standard apps.

The best keyboard application: Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft SwifKey remains quite well-known.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard with Clipboard (Alternative Samsung Keyboard), Source: Youtube, TECH SYNERGIST

Although Gboard is undoubtedly the most well-known keyboard app available on the Android platform, it is the majority of the time since it is preinstalled on many Android devices. Before the introduction of Gboard, SwiftKey was arguably among the most downloaded third-party keyboard apps available for Android devices. With more than 500 million downloads available on the Google Play Store, SwiftKey is still extremely well-known. It's also packed with features and is an excellent option for Gboard.

Best file manager app: Solid Explorer

File explorers or File Managers have been a staple of smartphones for a long time. Although initially only used by people with a high level of expertise, File Managers have gained popularity due to the flexibility of Android. Although Google provides its file manager inside the "Files" application, there are a variety of advanced, third-party file manager applications available for download. Of these, the one chosen to be the one chosen can be found in Solid Explorer. The best browser: Opera

Opera is a fantastic and feature-packed browser that is definitely worth giving a trial! 

Solid Explorer - File Manager For Android || Unlocked, Source: Youtube, KayakoIto

Before we discuss Opera Let's discuss the big issue. Google Chrome for Android is indeed the most well-known browser for Android users. It has become so widespread it's almost unnecessary to include it in an index. Consider this as our top choice for the best browser for Android in addition to Google Chrome. For Opera Well, they've been in the space of browsers for quite some time, and Opera to Android is solidly packed with features. 

The best Messenger application: WhatsApp

Over 2 billion people make use of WhatsApp! Are you one of those? / (c)WhatsApp has its fair share of problems and is still not a massive success within the USA. But, with an audience of more than 2 billion, it's most definitely the most used messaging app on the planet.


With the worldwide nature of the website, it is the only option other than to give the honor of the most popular messenger application to WhatsApp. However, if you are not a fan of WhatsApp, many alternatives are available.

Best shopping list app on the market: Out of Milk

With more than five million downloaded, Out of Milk is the most popular grocery list application it gets.

Out of Milk - Grocery shopping list app, Source: Youtube, Andy Isom

It is marketed as the must-have app to make shopping easy; out of Milk is a highly polished application that categorizes the products into specific sections instead of creating a random list. We also found the application to be straightforward to use.

The best (offline) apps for maps (offline): Google Maps

You might like it or dislike it; however, there is no doubt that Google Maps is by far the most well-known, widely-used maps application.

The Rise Of Google Maps, Source: Youtube, CNBC

Although it is not advertised as an offline maps application, Google Maps does have a significantly beneficial offline feature, which lets you download information for a particular region in advance through your WiFi. Of course, many other offline map applications offer a range of options.

The best fitness application: Strava

Strava has been in use for quite some time and is one of the most well-known fitness apps currently utilized by Android smartphone users. It supports almost every activity you can imagine, including cycling, running, and swimming.

How to use the Strava app | Everything you need to know… The Ultimate Strava Guide!, Source: Youtube, Jourdain Coleman

It also has essential features such as speed, distance, speed, elevation, and counting calories. Another essential part of Strava is compatible with many different Android and WearOS devices. Strava is also known for having a vocal and active community within its ecosystem.

The best dating app: Tinder

Tinder claims that it has made more than 30 billion matches so far. A staggering amount because there are only 8 billion people on the planet: however, with over 100 million downloaded, it's by far the most downloaded dating application.

How to use Tinder, Source: Youtube, Tech Insider

With dating apps, they must attract a substantial number of users to function effectively. If we look at the numbers by themselves, we believe Tinder is the best option for this.

The best streaming music application: Spotify

Spotify is by far the most listened-to music streaming application globally with an excellent reason. In addition to having a massive collection of music, it's an ideal all-rounder which combines a wide range of library of features and affordable prices.

Spotify vs Music (2022), Source: Youtube, Tailosive Tech 

Spotify can be found on many platforms, and there's nothing to complain about in the end.

Best movie streaming app: Netflix

Our editor Antoine has recently selected Netflix as the top film streaming website in our comprehensive review of SVOD platforms. Honestly, I don't have anything else to add to this. If you had the option of installing just one streaming movie app on your smartphone, and it was Netflix, you must choose Netflix.

How to install Netflix on any Android phone, solve this device not supported error -Xiaomi Mi 8, Source: Youtube, MOTZ 

While smartphones are blamed for causing people to be hooked for long periods, there is no doubt that they can improve productivity. 


The additional benefit with smartphones is that the users do not just have the opportunity to experiment with various camera apps but can also utilize powerful image editing tools to make your photos look more appealing!

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