The Best Apps to Support Working Online During the Covid Pandemic

Currently, the Covid Pandemic is happening extremely complicatedly, greatly affecting the economies of all countries in the world, applications and software on phones and computers are proving very effective to help many people to work online without going to work, which has helped businesses reduce difficulties due to the pandemic and keep employees safe. Here are powerful tools that greatly support working online, let's explore together

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Bad effects of Covid on businesses?

 It is universally acceptable to say that Covid 19 has had numerous adverse negative effects on businesses. Statistics suggest that at any one instance at the peaks of the infection curves, more than 43% of all world businesses temporarily closed.

The economic impact of COVID-19 on small businesses, Source: ABC News.

The primary effect of the pandemic is low consumer turnout. Many people are afraid to get out to the streets for fear of infection. Without significant consumer input, businesses crumble and cannot pay their employees or attain minimum operation capital. Secondly, travel restrictions and policies by the government as a mitigation policy to slow down the infection have been crippling imports and exports. With cargo held up at the ports, businesses can no longer access merchandise. Also, the social distancing policies have reduced the optimum number of consumers per floor area in a business setting. Hotels, stores, clubs, and other related businesses suffer more from this policy. In such conditions, most managements opt to adopt online working where consumers can access virtual services without any human contact.

Applications that support working online are a great solution.

There are online applications that permit businesses to offer virtual services to clients. The primary advantage of this development is that it minimizes infection rates without having to close businesses. These applications are a great solution to this dilemma. Instead of sending workers on unpaid leaves, they can work at home from these applications, minimizing job losses and business closures.

working online

Working online, Source:

Also, these applications reveal the hidden potential behind adopting online working as a permanent business strategy that is not susceptible to pandemics in the future. What are some of these applications that permit working online with desirable efficiency?

The best applications to support working online.

The best applications for you primarily depend on what activity you intend to accomplish. The current trends in technology are yet to develop an all-in-one application to consolidate all provisions of your office within a single app. It depends on whether you want to hold a meeting, in which case you need a video conferencing application, or store files, in which case you need cloud storage and backup application. Depending on the operating system of your laptop or smartphone, there exist applications with optimum interfaces for working online.


 For your iOS device, the following applications offer excellent services for the delegated tasks.

Data storage

You might require to store files in permanent cloud storage on your iPhone. Dropbox is the best application for this purpose. Dropbox offers two GB of free storage space with an additional bonus when you invite friends. The data you upload is accessible via multiple accounts by your workmates.


Dropbox, source:

You can also rent extra storage for a monthly fee. It is an easier way of storing ledgers, consumer data, and production details.


For videoconferencing, the best application for an Ios device is Microsoft teams. It has superb cloud collaboration features where you can share files and host business conferences.

Microsoft teams

Microsoft teams, Source:

It also has high compatibility with other applications such as an office for file creation and editing.

Password management

With multiple log-ins into various online platforms, it can become tedious to manage numerous passwords. Also, you must share this password with several people yet maintain high-level security. The best application for password management on ios is Dashlane.


Dashlane, Source:

It is secure and with an easy interface. It is easy to share passwords, change them, and work under a virtual private network.


Group and personalized communication are vital when working online.


Slack, Source:

Slack has proved to be an efficient communication tool for online teams. It supports seamless IM video calls and conversations.

Email management

While chat platforms achieve primary communication in an online working group, emails keep it official. Besides, it would be unethical to chat with your clients over a workgroup chat forum. Emails maintain an official relation. However, it sometimes becomes tedious to track all emails from numerous clients and keep track of them. The best application for this on ios systems is spark mail. This application organizes your mail according to priority to keep off distractions. You can also generate reply templates for commonly sent emails.

On Android

Data storage

On an android device, google drive is a champion. You have 15GB of free storage space. You can also choose to purchase more storage space for a monthly fee.

Google Drive

Google Drive: Source:

The app also permits file sharing to be compatible with most mailing apps.


For videoconferencing on your android device, use cisco Webex meetings.

webex meeting

Webex meeting, Source: Proreviewsapp

It permits one-tap entry, presentations, and other features.

Password management

Android users prefer 1 Password app for this function. Other manage passwords, the app can generate secure passwords and permit cross-platform access.


For effective communications within an online working team, use zoom meetings.


Zoom, Source:

It has multiple file sharing, presentation, and virtual meeting features.

Email management

Android devices also work well with spark mail applications like ios systems.

On Mac OS

Data storage

Google drive app manages and stores online files in an easily accessible manner. It also supports file sharing among teams.


A wide variety of Mac video conferencing applications offer reliable features.

Reliable tools for working online

Reliable tools for working online,

Go To Meeting, Zoom and Slack are reliable tools.

Email management

The apple mail app on your mac pc can organize your mail reliably. It is ideal for new users and is free.

Applications that support working online are effective tools for businesses in the future.

 In the foreseeable future, working online will be the norm. With several upgrades to meet the desirable services, it will be possible for businesses to move past unpredictable happenings such as pandemics, wars, and disasters. Instead of catch businesses unawares leading to closures, they can continue operating in the face of pandemics and disasters. Also, these applications will improve the status of care in families by increasing contact time. Children can spend more time with their parents.

Limitations of applications that support working online now

 The current working online applications face several challenges that are slowing down their effectiveness. The primary limitation is internet reliance. Without the internet, or in instances when there are glitches, it is impossible to access data. Also, applications hosted on single phones or PCs tend to be slower than main servers at offices. Secondly, the reduced human contact accompanying working online applications reduces empathy and motivation. Also, most applications are facing security maintenance issues. It becomes tedious to regulate data access and authenticate multiple log-ins.

How to overcome the limitations of the application that supports working online?

 There is a need to overcome the current challenges facing online working applications. Internet reliance is permanent but capitalizing to minimize glitches is possible. Higher internet speeds and diversified internet connectivity could solve glitch mishaps.

IoT devices

IoT devices, Source: Proreviewsapp

There is also a call to improve authentication in multiple device log-ins, such as coupling the current authentication and password management systems with IoT devices. Staging regular physical meetings such as team building activities after a designated time would also restore human warmth into workgroups.


Covid 19 has been a setback in many businesses. However, it has led to the sprout of dynamic strategies that can survive similar setbacks in the future. Working online platforms have proved to be a great solution to our current setbacks in business but also a permanent way to revolutionize the working environment within a dynamic and unpredictable future.

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