Utilizing Logitech G560 speaker on the Mac (spoiler not to try it)

Everyone loves to try new things, and I'm certainly no exception. While working from home, I enjoy music nearly all day long. I'd been using old Logitech headphones for some time and was excited to try the brand new Logitech G560 headphones to test. In the end, It was a colossal error, and I ended up returning the speakers. I'll discuss the reasons for this below, and hopefully, make it easier for you to avoid a hassle. Let me start by explaining my system. I'm running my Mac mini and previously used my Logitech Z533 speakers. There's nothing extravagant (under $100), but they did the job perfectly.

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Problems with Logitech's G560 speakers on Mac

Problems, where should I start? After I opened the G560 speakers, I was pretty thrilled as they appeared to be of high build quality. However, that's when things fell apart.

1. Massive subwoofer (It's more than you'd expect)

The first negative thing. Its subwoofer is massive! It measures 15.9 inches by 10 inches and weighs more than 12 pounds. The problem with this is that I have two small end tables on either end of the desk. The Logitech Z533 is a subwoofer. I found the subwoofer sitting on the end table, out of sight.

Logitech G560 - Best Gaming Speakers!, Source: Youtube, Jared Busch 

In the case of G560, the G560 speaker system was impossible to know if this could be taking place. It's fair to say that I didn't take note of the specifications before ordering. However, I don't view this as a problem.

2. The bass, however, is practically absent

With this big of a subwoofer, one would expect decent bass. However, it's not. The bass is exceptionally silent. After Googling, I discovered other users with similar issues across both Mac and PC. I tried various methods, like restarting the computer, installing the G Hub software from Logitech, and unplugging it.

3. No equalizer available for Mac

This led me to another rabbit hole: there were no physical bass or volume controls as there were in my old Logitech Z533 speakers.

Logitec G560Logitech G560, Source: Proreviewsapp

It made me want to search for an equalizer since this Logitech G Hub software doesn't offer one for macOS; however, it has one for PC. 

I discovered several third-party equalizers which were practical, such as eMac along with Boom 3D. After some tweaks, I could have more bass be heard; But it wasn't close to the quality I'm used to. However, if you use this method, you'll adjust the volume to accommodate different situations, and that's a lot of time.

4. There are no sync lights and DTS for macOS

There isn't any option to support sync lights and DTS in the Mac. I was aware of this issue when I bought them. Logitech has this feature available on its website. It's still worth noting. Solid lighting and other lighting effects also work.

5. Logitech G Hub software is a mess

From the absence of support to excessive CPU usage in macOS, the Logitech G Hub software appears to be not refined even a bit, from a lack of support to heavy CPU utilization. It's probably better on PC; however, I was not impressed in any way on macOS.

logitech g hub is awful, Source: Youtube, 32andrew

The PC version contains a few threads that leave you wondering.


I was hoping for something more for the price of $199.00. I decided to return my Logitech G560 speakers, and I am satisfied with my previous speakers for the moment. Comparatively, the audio quality is superior to the Z533s is much better. Learn from your mistakes!

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Have you bought the Logitech G560 speaker, and have you encountered issues? 

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