Top popular iPhone apps With Dark Mode Support

Love dark mode? It's time to test these amazing iPhone and iPad applications that have a dark way to browse at night. Popular apps such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter are now on the dark mode train. This is excellent news for those who are sucked in by the white backgrounds of their interfaces while browsing through their phones at night. The dark mode is soothing and dark themes can extend the battery life of newer iPhone models with OLED displays. They also appear fantastic. For iPhone users and avid shady mode apps, take an interest in these highly-rated and niche apps with stunning dark mode designs.

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1. Twitter

Twitter is the first social media site to introduce dark mode on all platforms. Tap your profile's icon on the top of the page and choose the Bulb icon to enable the night mode. It is also possible to allow an option that will automatically switch on the dark mode at night (and switch it off the following day).

How to Turn on Twitter Dark Mode, Source: Youtube, Max Dalton 

Although it's not a completely black theme, its contrast is sufficient for reading at night. When paired with its blue-toned accent, this is an absolute treat to the eye.

2. Facebook Messenger

The latest redesign of Facebook Messenger has improved its user experience by making it more soothing to the eyes. Now, the dark mode is one step further. After opening the app, click on the profile icon and then turn the switch next to Dark Mode. Dark mode feature.

How to Turn on Facebook Messenger Dark Mode, Source: Youtube, Max Dalton

It's that simple. The whole app features a dark background with lighter text. Contrary to Twitter, Facebook Messenger features the actual black theme, meaning that the iPhone shuts away the dark pixels. It's not only remarkable. However, it also increases battery life and decreases the amount of glare.

3. Firefox

Firefox is an excellent alternative to the browser you use on your iPhone. It's fast, secure and, more important for this topic, it comes with a perfect dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Firefox!, Source: Youtube, Tech Tip

If you enable it from the menu and enable it, it will be applied to the UI of browsers and websites. Every site that you visit will display dark backgrounds and light text. If you are planning an evening research session, start by opening Firefox in place of Safari.

4. Bear

Bear is a great note-taking option to the Apple Notes app. It is compatible with every Apple platform and comes with an easy-to-use three-column interface. The application is compatible with Markdown syntax and quickly format text with the formatting bar on top of the keyboard.

Bear App: The Minimal, Secure Evernote Alternative (not sponsored), Source: Youtube, harshibar

Bear also allows you to export text written in PDF, DOCX, and HTML formats. You can take advantage of the note-taking pleasure of Bear's Dark Graphite theme, plus other dark options available within Bear Pro.

5. Ulysses

Ulysses is a stunning Markdown writing application. If you're a person who enjoys exquisite design, You'll love using Ulysses.

Ulysses Review 20, Source: Youtube, Author Level Up

The app provides you with an open-ended canvas on which you can quickly write down anything you'd like. It could be an article or project you're working on in your journal or even notes. The benefit of an app like Ulysses is that your information doesn't have to be confined to a particular environment. Files are formatted according to the standard Markdown format and saved to Dropbox and iCloud Drive.

6. Wikipedia

If you are losing yourself in the Wikipedia wormhole, you must switch your wiki-based browsing experience from Safari and the Wikipedia application. It's a much to have a better reading experience. Explore feed offers many topics to learn about and save content for offline reading.

Wikipedia Dark Mode by Night Eye - Preview & Guide, Source: Youtube, Night Eye Extension

The most impressive feature can be found in the night mode. You can select between dark gray and fundamental black modes. This is ideal for reading at night using your phone's OLED screen.

Customize Your iPhone for Nighttime Reading

Dark mode apps have two purposes. They not only appear excellent and look great, but they can also aid in sleeping better. It's recommended not to utilize your iPhone late in the night, but if you decide to do so, go to bed and use dark mode apps. One feature of excellent recent iOS 13 parts is that you can natively use dark mode on your iPhone interface.

If you are using your smartphone at night, Try these iPhone tweaks to get more great quality sleep. Utilize the built-in features such as Night Shift and True Tone to dim the display, or select the Invert Colors feature to achieve black and dark text across the entire phone.


These tips apply to the iPad too. The good news is it's the case that iPadOS is also allowed Dark Mode.

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