Best Real Estate Apps 2022

Mobile real estate applications put an extensive database of houses, apartments, and commercial properties in your hands. These apps can help prospective buyers, renters, and investors through search results filtered by location, bedroom count or square footage, and much more. We looked at 15 real estate apps based on their interfaces for users, search efficiency, accuracy, inventory size, customer support, and overall reliability. We've picked the top real estate applications to meet all your property-hunting requirements.

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Zillow's application is the top overall due to its vast scale. It is the most significant number of properties, including the Zillow-owned homes with one of the most extensive filters. Its features are efficient, including sharing an apartment with your roommate or a roommate and renters' ability to start the application process fast. The application covers almost everything a renter could need.

How to use the Zillow App, Source: Youtube, Hey It's Matt


  • Users have access to more than 110 million homes
  • Properties owned by Zillow are unlocked via the application
  • Filter and search criteria that are detailed
  • Searches for partners in coordination or roommates
  • Personal profiles of rental properties


  • The Zestimate algorithm may not be accurate in all cases.
  • It isn't easy to find the listing agent
  • Search filters could be in error

Zillow was founded at the end of 2006 by two ex- Microsoft executives. The company is among the most popular apps on its Android and Apple stores. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play and 4.8 in the Apple Store. 

Zillow provides the ability to advertise homes for rent, sale, or lease, as well as virtual tours of properties and connect with agents. Properties listed on Zillow can also be viewed via video tours and photos. Customers can even receive update notifications for selected properties via the application.

Listings for property come through multiple listing services and third-party service providers such as agents, partners, and brokers. The company does not get its listings from any other platforms.


Xome Auctions is the best application for purchasing a home via auction due to its extensive online bid list. Similar to other apps properties, details of the property, photographs, and map locations are listed. Still, Xome Auctions is the best as it will also tell you if the property can be financeable or purchased in cash.


  • One of the most extensive databases of the auction property
  • Pre-auction property access
  • Same features and features as the website
  • Push notifications alert you whenever an auction is scheduled
  • E-signing contracts within the application


  • App has an extensive list of bugs
  • A relatively new company with no vast client base, yet

How Xome Auctions is Helping Real Estate Investors, Source: Youtube, Xome

It is available on both platforms. Google Play has an average rating of 4 stars, and the Apple Store has it rated 4.3 stars. It is entirely free and offers an easy-to-use platform. 45

Xome is among the most extensive collection with exclusive property. Customers can also benefit from the feature that enables pre-auctions to place bids on properties before the auction date. Xome offers transparency in bidding and a speedy closing.


Redfin is a real estate brokerage company that has developed an app to expand its reach nationwide and revolutionize the selling and buying process. This app is our pick as the top choice for home purchases. It blends the latest technology with actual Redfin property agents and the customer service staff that maintain human interaction in the buying and selling process.


  • Customized searches
  • A precise estimation of the home's value
  • Purchase with a Redfin agent and split a percentage of the commission
  • Calculates the mortgage property tax, mortgage, and insurance


  • There is no feature to sort the data by most recently updated
  • The neighborhood surrounding the house than some applications.

RedFin Review - Real Estate Apps, Source: Youtube, Watch the Review

Redfin earns revenue from commissions, listing fees, and advertising charges. It's the most profitable option for purchases of homes due to its unique blend of cutting-edge technology, complemented by prompt and personalized human interaction that helps close the deal quickly and reduce the buyer's and seller's stress levels at an absolute low.


We gave Trulia the highest score for home value because it gives more detail on what makes up the value of a home than any other application. Five hundred percent of Trulia home values were within 5percent of the sale price, and more than 8 out of 10 homes were within 20 percent of the price they sold.

How To Use The Trulia App, Source: Youtube, Trulia 


  • Local information on the local area, including schools and shops
  • Notifications regarding new homes for sale that meet your requirements.
  • The platform offers the ability to finance pre-qualified and also calculators
  • You can draw your finger over the map to personalize searches
  • A link to the listings agent's page in every property listing


  • The crime map is difficult to understand

Trulia first started in 2005 and was purchased from Zillow Group in 2015, highly rated on the two leading app stores. Google Play has rated the application at 4.6 out of 5 stars, with more than 200,000 user reviews. In the Apple Store, Trulia is evaluated with 4.8 stars, with over 800,000 reviews. 89

The app is entirely free for users. Trulia earns its money primarily via advertising.

THE BEST RENTER OPTION: is a top choice for renters' sites due to the widest variety of rental homes available, as well as incredible images that demonstrate prospective tenants the property can offer. Tenants interested in applying directly on the application.


  • The most comprehensive inventory is updated daily by our internal research team.
  • offers apartments and townhouses, houses, studio homes, and condos.
  • In the app, you can forward an application directly to your property manager using"Apply now" or the "Apply now" feature.
  • Search filters can include accessibility for wheelchairs and air conditioning and whether the unit consists of a washer/dryer or hookup.


  • The app is well-rated across all platforms; however, users can encounter problems updating and sorting.
  • does an excellent job of showing nearby properties. However, it's not as good in providing the crime statistics of the communities.
  • The application in-app function is practical; however, it costs $25 to apply up to 10 properties within a month.

About Apartments com. Online Rental Tool, Source: Youtube, 

The app's income comes mainly from advertising and other fees and application fees, which can cost up to $25 per 10 applications within 30 days. is the best choice for renters due to its vast range of properties, including homes and rental houses, townhomes, condos, and condos, and it's an easy "apply now" option within the application. It offers a wide range of search and sorting capabilities that we found much more reliable than other applications.


We compared the apps to determine the quality offered; we then compared our user's interface, the details, and the notification options in each.

Finally, we investigated the sources for the listings. We verified whether the authorities were original or borrowed and whether the information was reliable. After exhaustive research, the above apps were selected as the best option for those seeking to purchase or rent, sell, and invest in real estate properties.

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