Moving to Windows PC to Mac (after having used a PC for over 20 years)

We started the blog workup to help other users be more productive. What is it that affects you more productively than the computer that you use daily? Today, I will talk about my personal experience of making the switch to Windows (PC) and moving to Mac after using computers every day for over 20 years.

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My experience of 20 years of using the personal computer

It's first necessary to return to the very beginning. It's the mid-90s, and I'm just entering the fifth grade. My family wasn't wealthy, and the computers were expensive. Therefore, I wrote all my assignments in my Dad's office following school using an older 3M Text Editor Word Processor.

The option of backspace was the best feature it came with. This was in addition to the incredible 5.25'" floppy disks. Yes. Yes, I saved my school assignments on 5.25"' Floppy disks. Today, I'm feeling old. However, I am missing the simplicity. It was all a matter of speed in the past.

Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea, Source: Youtube, Linus Tech Tips 

You can read the in-depth details of my experience in my article on my online marketing failings. To keep you from specifics, I will outline how I've used a computer for the last 20 years. The sole motive behind sharing this information is to demonstrate how important making the switch to PC and Mac was for me.

While in my time in high school, I created my first business, HighWirePCs. After school, I would spend the entire time selling custom-built computers on eBay. In the past, the internet was slow. I sold my laptop on eBay, ordered all the components, built it, and then shipped it off. There was a 2-week wait. We are now irritated when we find that our same-day delivery from Amazon is delayed. The world has changed significantly.

eBay power seller

When high school was finished, I began my studies at an institution that was a private Christian University, Walla Walla University, located in Washington state (located approximately 4.5 hours from home where my family resided). On an orientation day for first-year students, I had a meeting with the director of the department of IT at the campus. The experience was similar to two geeks meeting for the first time. I knew that I would like to work for him.

After a few years of working within the IT department during classes, I was promoted to IT, student manager. In essence, I was responsible for delegating the remaining seven or so student employees. 

Ebay Is Retiring the Power Seller Program!!! My Honest Opinion, Source: Youtube, Thrift Beast CQ

At the time of my graduation, the campus was moving into the Oracle PeopleSoft CRM program. They eventually decided to hire me full-time as an employee and become an administrator for the PeopleSoft Security Manager.

Two years after working full-time, I was to the point of hate for PeopleSoft. Anyone who's worked with it knows what I'm talking bout. It's not the most enjoyable software to work with, and nothing else from Oracle ever will be. I also got sick of storms, which is why I decided to sell everything I had on Craigslist and then packed up my car and began traveling towards Arizona!

I didn't have any work in the pipeline when I left. That was extremely risky, I'm sure. When I look back, I am very proud of myself for having the courage to go through that. On the 25+ hours drive to Washington State, I secured a couple of interviews lined up in the hotel I stayed in.

Tips: Recruiters also helped immensely. Suppose you are looking for a job. I highly recommend speaking with recruiters. They make a profit, and they'll work hard searching for job interviews.

After reaching Scottsdale, Arizona, I was invited to an interview with an insurance company that provides health insurance to fill its IT Helpdesk position. 

What I did to end in a Mac 

Nowadays, I do lots of writing and talk about it quite a lot! My previous Lenovo notebook (PC) had some issues with heat while the fan started becoming quite loud and annoying. The battery life was significantly less than it was. Sure, I could have thought about solving it, but I decided to check out what else was available on the market. 

Things I loved regarding this Google Pixelbook

Oh my god, It's fantastic! The Pixelbook is a dream to hold when you hold it. It's comfortable and comfortable to use. The keyboard is incredibly relaxing, and the design is very modern.

The brightness of the screen amazed me. It's because it emits 421nits (which was a significant element in my final decision, and I'll go deeper into it in the next section).

The things that I don't love concerning Google Pixelbook

Although Chome OS and Chome OS apps are fantastic, they're currently the biggest drawback of the Pixelbook. Likely, you won't be finding every program you'd like to install. For instance, Affinity Designer is one of the tools I use regularly. It's not accessible. Other essential applications, like Sublime text editor, etc., aren't either. I was aware of that going into it; however, there's only a handful of things I cannot be without after a few days. There are other options; however, I don't intend to switch applications as I've spent years working on what apps work the most efficiently for me.

PixelBook Go Review - The MacBook of ChromeBooks, Source: Youtube, Max Tech 

Specific applications that are out there do not work as well. Slack can be one of them. It was not rendering correctly and was a bit difficult to navigate. I don't have the web version since I'm in multiple Slack workspaces; therefore, I require the app to move between them swiftly.

Test the Microsoft Surface laptop

Things I enjoyed with this version of Microsoft Surface

I am amazed by the design and style of Microsoft Surface laptops. They sport a modern and minimalist look. They may have gotten some design cues from Apple, but that's not necessarily something to be worried about.

The textured fabric and cloth on which you place your wrists rest is quite beautiful, and not many laptops come with this. It's incredibly comfortable.

The things that I don't love concerning this version of Microsoft Surface

It's only 350 nutrients. This was the biggest issue for me. I'll discuss this further in the next paragraph.

The battery's lifespan was acceptable. However, it was nothing special.

Other laptops on PCs I've tested

In addition to the Pixelbook as well as The Microsoft Surface, I tested three other PCs:

5 Things I Don't Like | Microsoft Surface Laptop 2, Source: Youtube, Aldo Frias

Microsoft Surface Book 2: The screen was only 374 nits with a horrible positioning of the headphone jack. However, the keyboard was fantastic.

Dell XPS 9370: The fan noise is quite loud. It's not my favorite pattern or textured appearance.

ThinkPad The X1 Carbon (6th Gen): It's costly to buy the model with 500 nits. I'm no longer an enormous enthusiast of the ThinkPad dot on the keyboard.

I tried five laptops with different computers in all. Through this time, I was always in a situation of returning and installing new things. Every one of them contained something I did not like, which was very annoying. One would think that there are so many options there that it shouldn't be this difficult.

Things I am in love with and dislike concerning Mac

Here are a few reasons I was aware that Mac could be my next home after using MacBook Pro for a while. MacBook Pro for a bit.


The majority of Mac screens are at least 500 nits! The screen's brightness is stunning. I cannot imagine anything that can come close to the same quality.

The quality of the build was top-notch. This is something I've always believed that I thought, even while working on a computer. Apple is attentive to every detail, and having a plethora of models has enabled them to improve over time.

Most everything is now USB-C. This is simply amazing. Thankfully, I don't need to deal with the previous days of multiple dongles. If you're part of the Mac ecosystem, that means that you can charge your iPhone or Airpods, keyboard, and more. All with one cable.

The battery life of the MacBook Pro 13-inch is awe-inspiring. Would it be better? Yes, however, I've been extremely content with the battery's performance.

My contacts aren't amazed by the Touch Bar. However, I am in love with it. From quickly adjusting my volume on the Spotify app to answering phone calls to answering calls on my phone, the Touchbar is super helpful.

The apps available on macOS are more artwork compared to Windows. There are a lot of excellent independent developers who put their hearts and souls into every pixel. And the apps appear to be in sync with the OS rather than against it. From Bear to ForkLift to CleanShot to X. Look at my top Mac applications.

I'm not missing .exe files for one second. I used to think that the idea of moving apps to an existing folder was ridiculous, but after doing this for a few years, it's a lot easier. Installing apps is simple.

The speakers on Macs are pretty excellent, but I generally wear headphones.

5 Things I Love and Hate About My M1 Mac, Source: Youtube, Garrett Crespo


When I bought the Macbook Pro, they had changed to a butterfly keyboard. Although I wouldn't say I like this keyboard, it's not as effective as the keyboards of the past. The fact that I moved around through this period probably has made me less envious of this as much as some. I'm sure Apple has realized what they did wrong, but that's a good thing.

I dislike MacOS more than anything else because it has the "Look Up" context menu when I highlight text and right-clicking in Google. The only way is to get rid of this. My process on PC was that I frequently highlighted text and then right-click to copy. I have to do this in a different location is a pain. It's certainly not the sole one who feels this way.

Mac search context menu Chrome

Also, make sure you look at all of the Mac-related modifications I've implemented after switching from a PC.


I'm not regretting it one bit. I've sold all my computers and am content knowing that future purchases will be much less complicated.

I believe that's one of the best things about Apple. There's no need to spend an entire day looking at millions of products. Take a step forward and get started.

To be truthful, I do regret not using Macs for the last few years. I'm now wishing I'd had switched sooner.

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 How about you? Are you a Mac as well as a PC owner? I'd love to know your thoughts on what you like and dislike about either within the comment section.