Top gifts ideas to the iPad owner for your 2022 Christmas shopping wish list

Are they looking for the perfect gift for an iPad fan? These gifts are suitable for iPad owners, whether they use their iPad to play, work, or even a little of both. The iPad was born in a shady spot. In the middle of iPhones and Macs, and MacBooks, the iPad has finally found its place as a force capable of achieving the same performance capabilities of the most powerful of MacBooks. Although the laptop has everything necessary to be an efficient machine, the tablet needs accessories to realize its potential fully. Some are obvious, for instance, the function-enhancing Apple Pencil, while others aren't, but they're equally crucial to living a good, efficient iPad use.

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The Apple Pencil

Although it's only compatible with specific iPad models (so make sure that the person you are gifting it to is using a consistent model), The Apple Pencil is the most sought-after accessory.

3 reasons you NEED an Apple Pencil | iPadOS, Source: Youtube, Noah Herman

It's incredibly responsive, making use of the iPad just as simple as using writing. In contrast, the applications that can work with Apple Pencil make it even more helpful for designers, artists, and note-takers alike.

Logitech Keys-to-Go

I could have picked one of the keyboard folios made to be compatible with different iPad models; however, I believe this is the best option in the end: It does not rely on an exact model of iPad, which means it can be connected to any tablet or even a smartphone, for typing while on the move.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Review: Keys-To-Go vs the K480, Source: Youtube, Dave Cheung

It's waterproof, lasts for three months of battery life, and comes with a stand that you can put your iPad on when working on it.

Satechi foldable aluminum stand

The iPad stand that folds is quite substantial, but it folds away for easy portability.

Hands-on: Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand for iPad, Source: Youtube, 9to5Mac

I own one of them, and that's the place where my iPad is resting while working in Sidecar mode on my MacBook, and it can do precisely what it's intended to do in a thoroughly competent way.

iPad Pro USB C hub

This multi-device hub can plug directly into any iPad that has a USB C port, granting it seven ports capable of supporting HDMI, 3.5mm audio, USB 3.0 as well as SD cards, Micro SD card USB C data, and USB C PD.

This Is The BEST iPad Pro USB-C Hub! Source: Youtube, AppleInsider

Photographers, mainly creative professionals are bound to want the chance to use one.

iPad Smart Cover

The folio-style cover for the iPad collection is available in different pricing models, colors, and options. As opposed to linking only to a specific product, the link for these will direct you to all categories on Apple's website to find the suitable model.

Apple Smart Cover for iPad 8th Gen 10.2" - Unboxing & Review + NEW COLORS!, Source: Youtube, TheJuan&Only

The covers are perfect for a variety of reasons. They can be attached magnetically. They are not noticeable and can be folded up and used to create a stand. They're a fantastic option for anyone who wishes to shield and prop up their iPad using a single color-coordinated accessory.

Sketchboard Pro

This handy tabletop tool is specifically designed for professionals who work with their iPad.

SKETCHBOARD PRO - COMPLETE REVIEW, Soure: Youtube, e r g o j o s h

Available for various iPad models and models, the Sketchboard Pro is like an easel for your iPad and provides ample space to rest your arms as you draw, sketch and design, or do anything else you want to perform with an iPad, in which case you'll need an ample work surface to work on it.

Paperlike screen protectors

The paper-like protectors on the iPad are made to function as perfect screen protectors. However, they're designed to cater to Apple Pencil people who are missing the tactile feel of paper.

Paperlike Screen Protector! - Worth it for Artists?, Source: Youtube, e r g o j o s h 

Paperlike screen protectors come with the appearance of a matte, which is slightly rough, offering Pencil users the feeling of writing with paper. I have one, and it's a fantastic feeling to draw on. Luckily, there are two screen protectors per pack as, like me, you'll have cat hair stuck to it when you put it on.

Typecase Touch

If you've ever thought you had a touchscreen MacBook the iPad case will be the closest thing you'll be able to find, at least for the moment.

TYPECASE Flexbook Touch iPad Keyboard Case Unboxing, Setup & Review, Source: Youtube, Wendaful

With backlighting for the keyboard, a 360-degree hinge along with a trackpad, and other unique options, the case truly will make the iPad appear and act as an actual laptop in a way that other issues do not.

Auntie holder case Apple Pencil

I carry my iPad and my Apple Pencil frequently, and even though the magnet which keeps the Pencil in position is robust, it's not enough to hold my Pencil securely in place while inside my backpack. That's why I've got a pencil case like this.

iPad Case & Apple Pencil Case Accessories (Philippines Shopee), Source: Youtube, Leslie Vlogs

Apart from keeping the Pencil itself, the case can also hold AirPods, the power brick and spare Pencil tips, and various other accessories that iPad users may require.

iPad Case from the bertiescloset

The right sleeve for your tablet is essential, particularly if you travel frequently and don't require an entire case.

Top 5 iPad Pro 11" M1 Cases, Source: Youtube, StateofTech

Bertiescloset is an Etsy shop that is a great place to purchase claims made of much different fabric. I've added this one since it's the one I own, but If you or your intended recipient are looking for various materials, there are many to choose from.


Suppose someone in your family (or you who has your holiday gift card) is using an iPad for work and is looking to get more value from it. In that case, The following gift suggestions could enhance your iPad experience, as well as the holiday season one of the best it could be.

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