The Best C# projects to improve Your Skills for 2022

If you develop the C# project, you will be able to effectively apply your understanding of C# concepts. When you create your Project, you'll make mistakes and then push yourself to fix these errors. All of this will improve your abilities to write error-free and practical C# code. In this article, we will give you the top C# project ideas that will allow you to build your understanding of C# programming and become proficient enough to become a professional C# developer. Start with basic projects, then progress to intermediate-level projects and finally sophisticated Project ideas.

To help you choose projects that are suitable for you, we've divided our selection of top C# tasks into three groups: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It is possible to begin working on a project you like the most based on your level of experience and personal preferences. We have also included a link to download the source code for each Project to ensure you can build the projects without facing any significant obstacles.

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Top projects in C# that are suitable for beginners with Source Code

1. Note-Taking Application

Note-taking applications are among the top C# project ideas for beginners because it's easy, and you can quickly finish this Project. It is generally true that a note-taking program allows users to record notes and save notes and save. To create a note-taking program, you must create a GUI (graphical user interface) that lets users interact with the Application's functions. Additionally, you must connect the app to databases like MySQL.

C# - Create a Note Taking Windows Form Application, Source: Youtube, SaeThunder

You can also keep the notes in a folder inside the Application's device. If you're looking to enhance your note-taking app to the highest level, you could include additional features in it, including those listed below:

  • Possibility to attach and add photographs with notes.
  • Voice notes.
  • Search bar to locate messages and download them easily.
  • Reminders.

2. Library Management System

This is another excellent C# project for beginners who would like to experience different C# concepts in action. The primary goal of libraries management systems is to make it easier to manage the day-to-day chores required to run the library effectively.

Generally, tasks like borrowing books or managing borrower accounts, and collecting books can be tiring when the books are kept on paper or substantial users. Creating an efficient Library Management System is to make it easier for the burden of these tasks and make sure that the library is running smoothly and efficiently. I am running of libraries.

C# Full Project Tutorial(Library Management System)With source code, Source: Youtube, MyCodeSpace

A library's management software must provide separate portals specifically for librarians and users. Libraries can manage borrowers, books, and other users with the library portal. The portal for users is designed to keep a list of books they've taken out of the library. Here are a few essential features you can include in any library system management program:

  • Control your books and borrowers.
  • Book publishing.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Login and logout functions for library patrons and staff.
  • User logs and details of the borrower.
  • Library charges.

3. Online Hotel Room Booking System

The next thing that we have in mind is an online booking system. The system will permit users to access it through an internet browser, browse the available rooms, and make reservations. To begin the process, it is necessary to build different web pages. These include a home page, an information page, our page, and a contact us page.

C# Full Project Tutorial (Hotel Management System) with Source code, Source: Youtube, MyCodeSpace

The homepage should feature an easy-to-use interface for users, and it should display the rooms in the hotel and display pictures of spaces by using an image slider. Additionally, the user can book accommodation by specifying the date of check-in and check-out and time. To build the front-end of your web application, you can utilize ASP. However, it is necessary to use C# to develop the back-end or business application's logic. Some of the key features of the Application include:

  • Visit virtual tours of the rooms via video and pictures.
  • Make a reservation and pay the payment.
  • You can ask questions about hotel bookings.

4. Chat Application

We all have several chats and messaging applications, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and Discord. What about creating one! It's possible to do this using C#, you can build chat applications that allow users to chat and message with each other, and you know what? Adding this app to your portfolio could assist you in landing a job as a developer. The chat application lets two users communicate via text messages in the most basic sense. But, it's crucial to remember that both users must have the same chat app installed on their respective devices.

C# Tutorial - Material Design Chat Messenger C# Application, Source: Youtube, FoxLearn

Chat apps must connect with users who use an internet protocol, such as UDP. Additionally, messages must be sent in real-time for efficient communication. Chat applications should permit users to sign up using their mobile or email address. A simple and easy-to-use user interface is crucial to interact with the Application and use the features without difficulty. There is also the option to include additional features into your chat app, like the ones listed below:

  • Audio chat.
  • Chat in groups.
  • Media exchange.
  • End-to-end encryption.

5. Car Racing Game

If you're a C# programmer skilled in game development, making an automobile racing game could assist you in improving your skills. If you've little or no experience in game development, You can create a 2D racing simulation. However, you could build the 3D racing simulation if you have previous experience with game development. But, the following are the essential elements you must include in the 2D automobile racing simulation game

Car Racing Complete Game in c#, Source: Youtube, miniprogrammers

  • A car graphic can move to the left or right of the road's designated area.
  • A road-related graphic.
  • Drawings of obstacles the vehicle must avoid or images of coins that the car must accumulate.
  • A points bar displays points earned by a player to avoid obstacles or collect cash.
  • A bar that indicates speed.

6. E-commerce Website

This is a different exciting project that you could develop to increase your understanding of other C# concepts. This Project can be an ideal choice for those particularly interested in web-based development as you may have guessed that an e-commerce site (also known as a store) is an internet-based platform that allows customers to purchase products. In this endeavor, you will need to create an e-commerce site or an application that will display various items.

The website for e-commerce should display products that have images and prices; when a customer clicks the product and is redirected to a page about the product, which includes a description of the product with an option to add it to the cart. Additionally, you must consist of a sign-up and login page to allow users to sign-up or access an account that has already been created, or both. The website that sells online also has to make use of a database to store user information and product information.

Online Shopping Website using ASP.NET C# & Sql Sever | Complete E - Commerce Website, Source: Youtube, Tech Tips Unlimited

Furthermore, the website will also have various screens for users and sellers. Sellers will be able to list products they're willing to sell, while buyers can select products from sellers they want to purchase. All this information will be saved in a database that will require you to connect to the website. The most important characteristics that are part of the C# project will be:

  • Sellers can list their items.
  • Buyers can select the products they want to purchase and the quantities they buy.
  • The option to contact support for customer service regarding delivery of the product and payment.
  • A virtual shopping cart where customers can read reviews of all the items they've selected to date.
  • Feedback systems for sellers and the products.


Learning about understanding the C# programming language and its fundamentals is easy since there are a variety of online and paid C# tutorials available on the web. The best method to be better at working C# is to take on various projects.

We've identified the most well-known C# projects that you can create and include in your portfolio in the article. You can also pick any of them based on your previous experience working using C#. We have also included source code for every Project to help you start. 

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.



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