5 of the most attractive mobile Markets for App Advertisement

We continue to talk about the potential opportunities offered by the growing mobile market for advertising on apps. There are a lot of examples of large businesses that are spreading the news about their apps outside the US with excellent results. You can start by taking a take a look at Supercell. But what are the market opportunities that are worth your attention? What's the best method to get into these markets? In the next few minutes, we'll try to answer these queries.

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3 Reasons to Concentrate on Emerging Markets

Let's discuss why you're required to look for new users from outside the United States.

1. Beat The Competition

If you take a look at the following chart, you'll be able to see the advantages of having the edge over the other developers of apps in your field can mean that you'll benefit from the success of your business. The mobile world is full of possibilities, and making your app accessible to a broad range of users could aid you in reaching the level of success you want.

2. Connect More Users

It is vital to know where your customers are, and if that means you search for them all over the globe, it is essential to consider this differently.

web3-react: Connect Users to MetaMask (or any wallet) From Your Frontend, Source: Youtube, Shmoji Codes

Take a look at the following data, and we'll also give you details from Statista for the most important markets.

3. Budget-friendly

If you invest less in advertising in emerging markets, your budget will work for your plan. If you take a look at the diagram below, you'll be able to observe the differences between CPI paid in the USA and CPI of the USA and those who pay CPI of other nations. There's also a substantial difference between countries on ARPU, which we'll look into in the next section.

5 Attractive Mobile App Markets

We will discuss some of the most appropriate places to market your app. We will examine them in terms of ARPU rates, average CPI bids, and the number of mobile users.

Your Markets - Mobile App, Source: Youtube, RayAndison

1. India

We'll start with India since it fulfills all of the aforementioned factors. A study by AppAnnie confirms that India will be among the top 5 countries in terms of the number of downloads in 2021.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia is expected to grow into a compelling region for mobile users. It is a wise choice if you make the most of the possibilities offered by this market for advertising your application.

3. Brazil

To reach the people of Brazil, it is essential to build a fan base about your application. The country's economy is among the most rapid and is a viable alternative because the people of Brazil are fond of spending all their free time playing mobile apps, specifically games, which you can see in an article published in Chartboost.

4. Vietnam

An analysis of AppAnnie shows that Vietnam is among the markets that have seen an increase of 60% in downloads over a year. We will look at other variables that affect the stats.

5. Mexico

The benefits are great from Mexico to American app developers who don't wish to leave the continent to promote their app.

How to Profit The Most From Emerging Markets

Now that you overview the most attractive mobile market and the best method to achieve the desired outcomes.

Learn Audience Characteristics

You've heard our formula before deciding on your strategy, and you need to understand your audience. In this scenario, it's more important to know their characteristics because there are significant differences in the current crowd.

Describe Your Character and Personality in English, Source: Youtube, New Model for Learning English

Consider demographics like the gender of the person, their age, geographic location, education, and don't forget to learn about their habits. Additionally, their preferences in various categories of apps are incredibly crucial. The following graph depicts the state of Games across the world.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Engaging with users from different countries helps you build trust and ensure users are sure about your app. You need to speak to them in their language to interact with users in the most appropriate method. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool in the right hands if you know how to utilize it.


Since we last discussed application localization; however, all the details remain the same.

What is Localization? All You Need to Know, Source: Youtube, Day Translations Inc

If you're looking to showcase your app to the world, there are many aspects to be considered in addition to translating your app. Check out our article to discover the most effective strategies for improving localization.


After reading the preceding, what do you think of the potential of other emerging markets? It takes more work, but the results will show that extending your reach by using your app gives you the best chance of increasing the number of users.

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