7 features that make habit-forming mobile games

It should be easy. One of the best examples of a basic but fun smartphone game would be Fruit Ninja. When the fruit falls onto the screen, players need to swipe their fingers across the display. The swipe creates the appearance of a slicing movement, trying to cut the fruit into two halves.

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1. It should be able to multitask

A casual game such as Angry Birds can be operated by a single hand.

Idle Games - How Games Scratch Your Multitasking Itch - Extra Credits, Source: Youtube, Extra Credits

It doesn't have a time limit and doesn't need the player's focus. It allows players to play the game while doing something else.

2. It has to be in a state of the impression of control

We all like being in control. Therefore, when we are granted the ability to steer the game and devise the game's plans, we're drawn to constantly explore and utilize these games. Simulation games like Dino Safari 2 and Shipwrecked: Lost Island are examples of mobile applications that take advantage of this aspect.

3. It should include a control loop

The compulsion loop refers to the "in-game positive circle which keeps players entertained" (Beresford 2013). The compulsive rounds are well-organized and efficient in the game Candy Crush Saga.

TOUCH CONTROLS in Unity!, Source: Youtube, Brackeys

It is by moving the candy around, making combinations, scoring, and getting applause or cheers until you've completed the level or you fail. The levels themselves could be viewed as an incentive loop since players are often pushed to take on more complex levels after winning.

4. It's an excellent idea to boggle the mind of the user

Our need to complete patterns has resulted in the creation of games with structural components. The most famous example is Tetris Sokoban along with Solitaire.

5. It should have an interactive leaderboard

Leaderboards let players evaluate their performance against other players.

Build a Realtime Gaming Leaderboard with Unity, Source: Youtube, PubNub

A great instance of a game using an official leaderboard can be Zombie Highway.

6. It is essential to recognize the accomplishments of the player constantly

Candy Crush's famous lines (ex: "Sweet," "Tasty," "Delicious," and "Divine") are more than tedious voiceovers that pop up every time you make the right combos on your game board. Combined with a splash of color and beautiful sounds, these lines create the perfect boost to keep the player glued for hours.

7. It is recommended to practice adapting to hedonics

Hedonic adaption is the idea that is behind the restriction on how many rounds one can play before waiting for a new opportunity. For instance, in Clash of Clans, it is necessary to wait for a long time before you are allowed to enter another area or upgrade your equipment.

Clash of Clans - 2021 Year in Review!, Source: Youtube, Clash of Clans

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The development of mobile games is in full swing in the present. Game developers are continuously making new games that will draw attention and entertain gamers of all age groups. From color-matching to warrior games, everyone is on their mobiles today.

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