Things You Need to Be Aware of ASP.Net the Core 1.0

Microsoft took the community of developers by surprise when it changed the name of ASP .NET 5 to ASP.Net Core 1.0. What caused the sudden shift in mind for Microsoft? The developers will remember how it did not launch Serial No. 9 when it launched the most current Windows operating system version in the year 2000. There's more to this announcement beyond just rebranding of this .NET framework. Anyone from an ASP .NET development firm that has used the most recent version will say that it's not "old wine in a new bottle' or a slight change in ASP .NET 4.6; however, it is an entirely new framework. Here are a few things you should be aware of ASP.Net Core 1.0.

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The modular design was one of the significant changes from the earlier generations of .NET frameworks. 

Modular Architect, Source: Youtube, Ryan Smith

According to the official site, "NET Core 5 provides an open-source runtime and library implementation that is a small portion from the .NET Framework." The new version is significantly smaller and lighter than the earlier versions, which aids in speeding development—the significant changes implemented on the file system can provide a stable development environment.


ASP.NET Core 1.0 is open source, and Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make it cross-platform. It is possible to create applications for Mac, Linux, or Windows platforms without hassle, precisely as the developer community dreamed of. Microsoft has eliminated technology like PowerShell, one of the biggest obstacles for cross-platform development. In actuality, it has also released an updated Code editor, "Visual Studio Code," specifically designed for Mac and Linux users.


The file system underwent an entire overhaul and allowed you to develop and deploy apps faster than the prior Framework.

67% faster development time - mapp technology, Source: Youtube, B&R Industrial Automation

The changes also affect the application to show the changes without refreshing your browser.


The latest edition of the Framework has an additional Command Line Tool Manager referred to in the form of DNVM, also known as Dot Net Version Manager. This command-line tool manager can help when setting up and updating .NET Runtime. It should not confuse in any way with the.NET Execution Environment or DNX.


While we've seen some early signs of support for the cloud in the prior platform, ASP.NET Core 1.0 is the first one created with cloud integration in the forefront.

Day in the life of a cloud support engineer, Source: Youtube, Amazon Web Services 

Cloud-ready configurations allow users to immediately upload their apps to the cloud because they are compatible with the cloud-based design. To make the most of the options provided with ASP.Net Core 1.0, It is crucial to locate a reliable agency that can offer you Dot Net development services... The team at Semaphore Software has honed our abilities over time, starting with the first version of this Framework.


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