Top Node.js Frameworks to develop Web as well as Mobile Apps in 2022

Technology advancement has led to the development of numerous frameworks to build web applications that are robust and feature-rich. Node.js frameworks have taken the developer community to the forefront from all available frameworks. They can meet the varied and complicated requirements of modern businesses. The article below will review the most effective five frameworks, based on their popularity in Node.js development and their advantages.

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Best Frameworks For Node.js Development

As per the most recent Node.js users' survey, 4 out of five back-end and full-stack developers would prefer Node.js to develop their applications. The report demonstrates the growing popularity of Node.js frameworks. Even though Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment, it is a platform for running code on the server-side and enables it to be portable. Frameworks can help build functionalities in Node.js development.

When it comes to the different types, Node.js frameworks are mainly classified into three categories: MVC REST API and full-stack MVC frameworks. We have listed the five most well-known Node.js capable of meeting the complex Node.js development needs for 2022 and beyond. These and many other frameworks will help companies lower development costs and improve the performance of their application.

1. Express

It is a simple and, without doubt, the most popular MVC framework, with more than 43,000 Github stars. Also called Express, the framework is one of the critical elements of MEAN Stack technology for web development. Under the MIT license, it is widely regarded as the norm to use the Node.js platform.

Express in Node js | Web Framework, Source: Youtube, Telusko 

Express is an easy-to-learn curve, and anyone with a knowledge of Node.js development and programming can use it. Express is fast and has an Asynchronous technology with a single-threaded nature. As a result, developers can perform multiple tasks independently. It can provide users with a pleasant experience across mobile and Web domains due to improved communication between the server and client.

2. Socket. Io

This is a JavaScript library framework that allows developers to create applications that run in real-time. It can effectively establish bidirectional communication between web clients. If you develop applications that have the WebSocket need, is highly useful. For instance, WhatsApp-like chat applications constantly operate with real-time updates and maintain their background process updating for updates or new messages. Additionally, offers real-time analytics using less than a line of code.

Learn In 30 Minutes, Source: Youtube, Web Dev Simplified 

The library framework is loaded with helpful auto-correction and error detection features. Node.js companies that develop applications utilize this framework to build chat rooms, video conferencing applications, and multiplayer games. The framework is highly reliable and provides auto-reconnection capabilities.

3. Sails.js

This is a modernized MVC framework that can generate REST APIs. It is akin to the structure style used in Ruby on Rails and offers an excellent platform for web development that is data-oriented. Therefore it's compatible with most databases and is the best framework for building high-end applications.

Intro to Sails.js Framework for Next-Level Nodejs Backend Apps, Source: Youtube, CoderOne

Sails is a lightweight, frontend-agnostic-backend platform. It utilizes Express to manage HTTP requests and to handle WebSockets. Developers can share the same API used by another team of developers or web service providers with ease. It also reduces time and effort and allows businesses to reduce web application development costs. Sails also provide ORM (Object Relational Mapping) to better compatibility with available databases.

4. Nest.js

This is a dynamic Node.js framework that can be utilized to create robust and flexible applications suitable for modern-day enterprises. It gives the developers complete flexibility with vast libraries. Nest.js can build multi-layered enterprise web applications because it allows developers to utilize large libraries. Although it's made using Typescript, a subset of JavaScript, It can be used to maintain the complexity of code for massive-scale applications. Nest also offers seamless integration with other frameworks, such as Fastify or Express.

NestJS in 100 seconds, Source: Youtube, Fireship 

This framework offers the most practical combination of object-oriented programming and FRP (Functional Reactive Programming) to increase the developer's efficiency and boost the efficiency of the application while reducing time. FRP makes it easier to create make complex GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) used in robotics and games applications. Nest is a simple learning curve and is easy to use an external library.


Below we have listed the most well-known Node.js frameworks to build enterprise-level mobile and web applications. However, it is best to seek out a reputable Node.js development firm to identify the best platform for your Web application project. 

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