Chromecast Stuttering and buffering? Strategies to fix choppy Streams

Do your Chromecast streams stutter and buffer? Use these tricks and tips to improve Chromecast's blurry playback. With its wide-ranging compatibility applications, Google Chromecast has become one of the top gadgets used in streaming video.

But, if you're streaming content of high quality, using a Chromecast typically stops to buffer the data. For those who love movies, there's nothing more frustrating than this. So, what do you do to fix it? 

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1. Close Other apps to stop Chromecast from skipping

If you're streaming on a mobile device, check which apps are running. If you're planning to stream via your computer, know which software is currently running.

Repairing other applications can resolve problems with buffering, and video skipping streamed through the Chromecast. On your phone, close all other applications you do not require. If the streaming from your Chromecast is slow, you should stop downloading.

How to Fix Google Chromecast Freezing On Television When Using the Mirror Option, Source: Youtube, Subterranean Secret

If possible, download the video onto your device before uploading it to your TV using your Chromecast.

2. Reduce your Quality Setting to stop the Chromecast from stuttering

Quality settings are usually the most critical performance factor when streaming video via your Chromecast. Although it is a robust device, it can stream at your network connectivity speed.

If you play the 4K and Ultra HD videos specifically on websites, it is using your network's bandwidth. The data is streamed as a stream and then sent to Chromecast. A higher-quality video will yield more data. As a result, Chromecast stutters are more likely.

How To Fix Chromecast Low Quality Youtube, Source: Youtube, The Parity Check

The solution is to decrease streaming quality. Different streaming platforms employ various methods for adjusting the rate of playback. For example, to reduce YouTube mobile's quality.

Install an app for your smartphone

Choose an appropriate video

Hit on the Settings icon (a cog)

Click the Quality button to show a selection of options with high quality

Select a better rate for your particular setup or choose Automatic and let your app make the final decision

If you have selected the right quality, then tap the Chromecast icon, and it will stream to your television.

3. Stream Local Videos for Better Chromecast streaming

If you download a file on the web, your device downloads the information while it's being displayed. Add that to streaming using the Chromecast, and you're creating an end to the capacity of your streaming. This could be the reason your Chromecast is constantly buffering.

If your internet connection is not strong, This two-step process could cause internet access to be unusable. This is why it's more practical to transfer local media to Chromecast...

Because they've grown in popularity recently, it's not difficult to find apps that work with the Chromecast as a default.

How to Stream Videos and Music Over Local Network [using VLC], Source: Youtube, AsoftClick

Our preferred choice for streaming is VLC. Streaming to Chromecast using this multi-faceted open-source, free media software is simple. Open VLC on your PC and then go through "Playback" > "Renderer.

The default selection (your computer) is shown as. The active Chromecast device will be listed in the lower right-hand corner.

Select the right Chromecast for streaming the latest video.

4. Fix Chromecast Buffering Using an Ethernet adapter

Ethernet is more efficient than wireless internet. However, if you own an older Chromecast, it does not have an Ethernet port. Two options can be used to solve this. One option is to use the Ethernet adapter that works with Chromecast. This is perfect in Chromecast 1.0 or 2.0 models.

If you have the Chromecast Ultra, you must have noticed an Ethernet port on the adapter for power. 

Chromecast using Ethernet (MUS 155), Source: Youtube, bigboss97

This will give you the best internet speeds, possibly within any room of your home. Wired connections are superior to wireless. You can try this method to resolve Google Chromecast buffering problems.

Our tutorial on the best way to set up Google Chromecast Ultra shows the process in greater detail.

5. Change wifi Channels to fix Chiffy Chromecast Streams

One of the easiest methods to increase the speed of your network is to switch wifi channels in your router. This can alleviate slow, sluggish Chromecast streams.

The wifi router broadcasts on different channels. They can be slowed in time because of numerous connections.

Try an analysis tool such as wifi Analyzer for more information about this. This tool, which is freely available on Microsoft Store, will help identify wifi issues on Windows.

After installation, you can use the program in the following manner:

  • Select to start and enter wifi
  • Choose wifi Analyzer
  • It will take a while to detect your network
  • Select the Analyze tab.

The graph that results displays the strength of individual channels of the wifi network and their data consumption. Utilize this information to select the one with the lowest active connection. This is less cluttered and thus gives you more excellent performance.

How to Change Wi-Fi Networks on Google Chromecast[Change the Wi-Fi network in Chromecast ], Source: Youtube, HowTL

Sometimes, the graph can be challenging to comprehend. In this instance, it is recommended to select the Recommendation button. The system rates each channel between one and ten and helps you choose the one with the least clutter that you can connect.

When you've selected a channel and a router's documentation, look for the admin screen's IP address (if you don't have it). There's also the default password, and you must modify your router's password to change your router's password to ensure security.

Log in to the router and click the option to choose another wireless channel.

Select the preferred wireless channel within wifi Analyzer, then save the changes. You will not only notice an improved Chromecast connectivity, but you will also notice a generally faster internet connection in general.


Following these instructions, your streaming and buffering issues can be fixed.

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Hope this article is helpful to you, thanks for reading.