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Data is a vital element in any project. The effectiveness that you get from your AI model is mainly dependent on the information used as input. Therefore, it is essential to know the data source to achieve more accurate outcomes. One of the primary ways to identify a dataset is to visualize data. Human eyes are drawn to shapes, colors, and patterns. The majority of the information that humans process is visual, and it is easy for analysts and developers to spot patterns and new trends. As a result, they can come up with beneficial insight. This blog will take you through the significance of data visualization and the most popular tools for the visualization of data.

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What exactly is Data Visualization?

The term "data visualization" refers to a graphic representation of data. It is a method of making the visuals of the data. It is among the most effective ways to make data available across any company. Teams can gain valuable insights based on facts rather than assumptions. This will also help to adopt a data-driven strategy. It is simple to share your information with various people involved in the process, such as investors, stakeholders, media, investors, stakeholders, and others. The visual format allows you to make quick decisions rather than writing reports. There are a variety of visual representations you can make by using data visualization, such as chart charts with bars, pie charts, histograms, Gantt charts, waterfall charts, heat maps, and scatter plots. They can also be used to create maps, infographics, and more. With them, you can see your data from various perspectives. Data visualization is so crucial for the modern business that businesses hire experts in visualization tools from data science for their work. The following are the advantages of visualization of data:

What is Data Visualization in 3 minutes ?, Source: Youtube, Egencia

  • It makes sure that the intended audience focuses on business insight to find areas that require focus.
  • It manages large quantities of data and presents them in a graphic format that summarizes the meaning behind the data and establishes the business objective.
  • It visualizes business data that helps you control growth and transform trends into business strategies through understanding your data.
  • The process uncovers previously overlooked important information about the data, which can assist people in making informed decisions when they write data analysis reports.

Top Data Visualization Tools


Tableau is among the most popular visualization tools, along with BI tools. It has a range of options that can ensure that your data visuals are suitable for positive impact. The possibilities include desktop applications, servers with data sources, and the free public version. Users can connect easily with their information in virtually every format. A variety of import options are accessible, from CSV files to Google Ads and Analytics data to Salesforce data. Additionally, it can drag and drop data that allows you to create interactive dashboards that incorporate the latest visual analytics.

How Tableau Dashboards work on a Mobile Device, Source: Youtube, Tridant


  • Data organization is flexible; you can organize the data by your preferences.
  • It's straightforward for the user to navigate.
  • Tableau can be connected to numerous data sources.
  • It is equipped with the capability of mapping.
  • It allows access to data via cloud storage and data warehouse.


Datawrapper is intended for use by journalists. It is accessible either on desktop or mobile devices when in the designing phase. It doesn't require special knowledge in coding or design background. It lets you select different maps charts and add annotations to display your data. Additionally, it gives you the option of exporting your charts and maps as PDF or image files.

Introduction to DataWrapper, Source: Youtube, CSE Data Centre


  • The tool comes with an integrated color blindness tester.
  • There are many graphic representations you can pick from.
  • It is not necessary for the person using it to program or possess knowledge of technology.
  • All models in pictures are automatically saved.
  • It works with all operating systems.


Plotly is an analytical software that can create charts, presentations, and dashboards within minutes using an Excel spreadsheet. It assists you in performing your analysis with JavaScript, Python, R, MATLAB, Jupyter, or Excel. There are many options to import data. The online chart maker tool allows you to quickly create stunning graphics for your use and collaborations.

Plotly Tutorial 2021, Source: Youtube, Derek Banas 


  • It gives you several options for importing your data.
  • There are many ways to deploy your solutions in various ways.
  • Plotly is compatible with multiple languages, including R, Python, etc.
  • The tool is simple in its design.
  • It facilitates a smooth collaboration between team members.


This tool lets you connect infographics and visualizations to larger, real-time datasets. A variety of templates for maps, charts, videos, and images can be customized to make visuals interactive. They include pie charts, bars graphs, columns tables, and a word cloud. It's a fully-featured drag-and-drop tool that even non-designers can manage to make reports and dashboards. It also supports various formats such as .png, .jpg, .gif, .pdf, and . HTML to save your work that you can then embed into websites. The WordPress plugin that is included within the tool allows embedding a breeze.

Getting started with Infogram, Source: Youtube, Infogram


  • The API allows API to import additional data sources.
  • It is simple to design simple interactive charts.
  • It has excellent customer support.
  • You can embed it on an existing web page
  • It provides a variety of custom-designed templates.
  • It is a diverse collection of icons, images, and flags.
  • The project templates with minor adjustments will quickly transform data into content that people will find exciting and enjoyable.


Chartblocks is straightforward publishing and charting tool that allows you to bring data from spreadsheets and databases to make visuals quickly. Charts can be easily integrated into your website. There are various options to personalize the visuals and view your charts across a variety of devices.

Data Visualization- Chartblocks, Source: Youtube, Ishita Shah


  • It offers free and moderately priced plans for paid subscriptions.
  • Uploading as well as importing information is easy.
  • It has excellent customer support.
  • The graphs and charts made are shared and usable in minutes.
  • It is an integrated social media tool. This makes it simple to share charts and embed them in your social media platforms. It can be used across multiple screens, devices, and dimensions.


This blog talked about the significance of data visualization for the analysis portion. A variety of popular visualization tools can help in data science. Each of the tools mentioned has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which one to use depends on the data's maturity and budget, the type of problems they have to address, the size of the company and size, etc. The team members must collaborate and document all the requirements since you have to pick the right tools to analyze your data. Tableau, Plotly, Infogram ChartBlocks, and more. They should select the appropriate agency to display their particular type of data.

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