Top SQL IDEs To Know

SQL IDEs can also be called SQL editors. Web developers and database administrators can use SQL editors and SQL IDEs to execute and execute a range of SQL queries and integrate databases with applications. They also assist in creating a database connection permitting you to see the database, modify, and control the data stored in your database. IDEs offer a single software that can perform all post-development and development tasks. A few of the features provided by SQL Editors can be described below.

  • Set up of databases objects.
  • Define the schema and the instances that the database will use.
  • Data analysis and management of the user.
  • Debugging when an inquiry returns unexpected results.
  • Testing to see if the database connection is functioning well or not.

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Adminer is among the most well-known SQL IDEs. It provides better MySQL features and a user interface that is cleaner plus more security and an impressive speed that is admired by many. Since it was first introduced, the Adminer team has consistently placed security as a significant component. It blocks access for unauthenticated users to other databases and guards against brute force attacks by limiting connections. In addition, if you no longer need the Adminer program, you can uninstall it immediately. Contrary to many other IDEs, admirer is one file that can be deleted and uploaded in a flash. The Adminer program had several problems, but it's evolved over the years and whenever an update is made available, be sure you install it.

How to create an admin panel/GUI for your SQL database in 10 minutes, Source: Youtube, Retool

The following are the characteristics of Adminer :

  • The authentication of the user (using the username and password) is required for connecting to database servers.
  • Selecting an existing database or creating one from scratch is an alternative.
  • Column names, types of column, collation, comment, and default values can be altered.
  • Control table divisions and organize the organization of events.
  • A variety of options for customization. Custom codes can modify certain aspects of the standard Adminer functions.


As a database developer, you're aware of the different SQL statements needed to backup data, ad-hoc queries, and troubleshoot. DBeaver is among the options that can swiftly finish these tasks for you. It is a database management system that works across multiple platforms and is accessible to developers of all kinds, SQL programmers, analysts, and Database administrators (DBAs).

Using the DBeaver Client to Run SQL Commands, Source: Youtube, Chuck Severance

While its interface isn't as appealing as pgAdmin's, DBeaver is an open-source IDE, making it a wise option. The following are the main features of DBeaver :

  • It's an entirely free and open-source application.
  • This SQL application lets you look over and edit the table metadata, tables keys, indexes, and columns.
  • Auto-formatting, auto-completion, and hyperlinks are all included within SQL editor. SQL editor.
  • It has multiple views of data to satisfy the requirements of various users, including the display of image content (gif, png, jpeg, and BMP) by way of pictures.
  • The contents of tables and the results of queries can be filtered with customized filters, such as filtering based on cell value.


RazorSQL is a different powerful IDE that includes syntax highlighting and administration capabilities, including the creation, modification tables, and dropping them. Additionally, RazorSQL provides a built-in database viewer that permits you to look at all database components like tables, schemes, and functions. Furthermore, RazorSQL has a table builder tool that is extremely helpful in creating SQL for tables. This is extremely helpful in creating SQL. 

How to connect RazorSQL to a MySQL database server, Source: Youtube, TechRepublic

  • Here are the key features of RazorSQL: A great editor Syntax highlight, autocomplete various query executions, function search, and many more functions are offered. It isn't necessary to switch between several programs to use PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML, or other programming languages. This is possible because EditRocket is an editor for code that works with programming languages that are not SQL.
  • Simple database browsing - It lets you examine the different structures of your database, including tables, schemas, foreign keys, as well as indexes.
  • Helps with Data Comparison - You do not have to look up data manually. This editor analyzes your database's views, tables, and queries.

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is a different necessary IDE to consider using in 2021. While it could be near the bottom of the list, it's an excellent IDE with various useful features. Database administrators, data architects, or developers can utilize MySQL to visualize the design, build databases, and manage them.

MySQL Workbench contains practically everything an administrator of databases could need to do the reverse and forward engineering and produce the most complex ER models. MySQL Workbench also has crucial components for completing complex documentation and change management tasks that can be tiresome and demanding.

MySQL Workbench Tutorial, Source: Youtube, Database Star

  • Here are the key features included in MySQL Workbench: Visual SQL Editor - It's perfect for creating, editing, and running SQL queries. You can examine your changes before you implement the changes, which is very advantageous. It also comes with a powerful tool for debugging, syntax color highlight contextually sensitive assistance, and autocomplete.
  • Software for database migration offers a straightforward solution to transfer tables and objects, data, and other information out of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, and various RDBMS MySQL.
  • Displays a performance dashboard in a visual format with The Visual Explain Plan; you can identify the areas to improve your query with just a single click.

Valentina Studio

Valentina Studio is similarly a free IDE. However, there's an official version with more features. It's a tool for managing databases explicitly designed for MySQL; however, it can also work in conjunction with SQL Server PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and other Valentina DB database types. 

Valentina Studio - 10 minutes introduction. (Russian), Source: Youtube, ParadigmaSoftware
  • The following are the characteristics of Valentina Studio: Editing options are readily available. Syntax highlighting and autocomplete are available in the program. You can also save and browse your preferred searches, meaning you don't have to input them manually. The consoles allow you to look over the syntax to find errors.
  • Editor for diagrams - Backward and forward tools for engineering are available. You can create scripts quickly and visually browse your database. This feature makes it easier to develop and management of databases.
  • Report Editor - With Valentina, you can produce special reports using Valentina. Look through the features set of controls charts, graphs, and charts to design the look visually for your info.

Toad for SQL Server

A different SQL Server DBMS tool is Toad. Among the top SQL IDEs is a great automation tool with simple processes and built-in capabilities that boost productivity. It is an SQL management tool that helps to resolve problems as well as the management of changes and in the advancement of the highest level of quality of code.

Overview of the user interface in Toad for SQL Server, Source: Youtube, Quest

The following are the characteristics of Toad :

  • The time-saving feature reduces people's time by automating and scheduling repetitive tasks like schema and data comparisons.
  • Increased productivity - With functions like advanced programming, SQL formatting, and the organized layout of SQL scripts within the Script Map, it allows you to be more efficient in your work. The scripts can run on various servers and instances while debugging is a breeze.


Since there are many SQL management software options available, picking the best one to manage the needs of your SQL project management may be a challenge. We've reviewed the top 10 best SQL IDEs that you may utilize in this article.

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