How do you Create Google Play Store Screenshots to Get Downloads?

The first step is visibility, but they finish with your creative assets. Your responsibility is to optimize your keywords to boost your visibility and rank higher in search results in apps stores. But, the users will make their decision through your images. This article will concentrate on ways you can increase the number of downloads for your app in the Google Play Store utilizing screenshots.

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Screenshots are important

Even if you've got the top app in your field, the users have only just a few seconds to decide whether to choose to download an app. If your app appears unprofessional, they will likely pass to download an alternative.

The Importance of Your App Screenshots - A Minute of Overpass: The UK Mobile Game Developers, Source: Youtube, Overpass Apps

As we said, users aren't likely to download your app merely because they see your app within the results of a search. They will look at your reviews and ratings and go through the descriptions and, perhaps most importantly, take a look at your unique assets. Why? Because people want to know what the app's focus is and how user-friendly it is, and whether it's the best app for what they are looking for or not. The videos previews and screenshots should address all of these questions transparently.

Let's take it step-by-step to learn how to make the screenshots.

Screenshots to Use for the most significant growth

Don't forget that the goal is not to showcase your or the UI Team's artistic abilities. Yes, they should be engaging visually, but the primary purpose is to demonstrate your unique value propositions. Every element must contribute to the number of downloads you receive.

Make Use of all the screenshots. This means you must use the entire eight images you want to make use of.

Keep in mind that not all photos are of equal value. The users will view them in a particular order. This is why it is essential to arrange your items by importance. The most crucial value proposition has to be first and last and, at most important, final. Then you will be able to unleash the potential of your screen captures.

Make it easy. Your screenshots must be easy to understand. Using text or referring to various aspects is possible when you use an app-generated screenshot. 

How to take a screenshot with high-resolution quality in Windows 10, Source: Youtube, Fix it Free

Try experimenting with your screenshots until you come up with the most consistent method. Allow data collection time to gain accurate and helpful information.

Each market is not identical. You must meet the requirements of your intended users by implementing localization. Do more than that.

In the case of mobile growth, Keep in mind that the speed of change is greater than the rest of the world's technology. A fact may become outdated as you awake the next day. Keep in touch with your subject.

Spotify Google Play Screenshot Study

Spotify is the favorite music app on the Google Play Store for the US. Let's glance at their screenshots by using the app intelligence tool.

Since they've recently incorporated more podcasts on the platform display on their homepage that they're streaming podcasts and music.

The following screenshot is designed to be displayed alongside the first, after which the user must swipe to reveal the remainder. The subsequent screenshots are focused on the functions of the application. They preserve the primary colors and patterns of the two previous screenshots in the background to create a sense of unity, but they go into greater detail on the app and its capabilities. The panoramic layout also improves the chance that customers are likely to interact with your website more often, which boosts the likelihood of downloading an app.

How to do Spotify Listen 5 Songs Screenshot || Microworker Unlimited Task || Easy task, Source: Youtube, Toriqul Islam

You can see that Spotify has chosen to use the colors orange and light green. By selecting this color, they give their images an updated and contemporary look. Doesn't that make a perfect match for an app for music that promises a new theme each week?

Furthermore, the initial three screens show many of the application's functions. How? It reads "Free streaming of music and Podcast streaming" at the beginning and uses the second and third images to demonstrate these features on the user interface.

We can see Joe Rogan's podcast and the benefits of customized playlists as well as music streaming. They draw users in by highlighting the first three features and then explaining their benefits. As you can see, they do not create essays but relatively brief and precise banners.

The font you use for your text should match the layout of your images and reflect the overall tone of your app. Spotify uses a more simple font to describe its selling points. But if you're marketing an ultra-casual game or an editing application, it is possible to test sexier fonts. All that matters is to look and sound the way you want your app to be perceived.

Horizontal or Vertical Screenshots?

Do you have a cheap trick, or are you competent?

"Why is it that we care if my images are vertical or horizontal? Will it make an impact?" They affirm that the total is more significant than its components.

Screenshots are an essential element in your ASO efforts. If they're not completed, there is no credibility to your job. Additionally, many of the tasks that you carry out within your user acquisition department are not worth the effort because the value of their work is understood in the future.

002 Vertical vs Horizontal Layout for Screenshots, Source: Youtube, BX F

A vertical image may allow users to view only a portion of your picture; however, a horizontal shot will fill the entire screen space. There isn't an absolute most effective way to do this.

If you want to show multiple aspects, initially, look to two vertical images. If you've got a good video for the description of your app, make sure to utilize the tape. To maximize the best results from your ASO efforts, you need to think about everything, and this is among its most compelling examples.

Important Takeaways

Review Google's guidelines on marketing to avoid getting a nasty surprise.

Utilize all of your slots.

If you're a game designer, think about including a gameplay video.

Always make sure you put your best shot first.

Google I/O 2017: The 5 most important takeaways, Source: Youtube, CNET 

Make sure to use vertical images, except if you have a fantastic horizontal idea.

Check that your app's page is in line with the other components of your brand

Select to use your Google Play Store screenshots, so they accurately represent what your customers will experience.


It is an essential aspect of Google Play Store ASO. With MobileAction's mobile-app analysis tools, you can analyze your competition, learn about trends in marketing and enhance the quality of your ASO game. Request a demonstration for our expert team today to discover more.

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