How to fix your this account is not yet eligible to use youtube error

Everyone enjoys the thrill of a significant error message. If you've stumbled upon this article, it's probably because you're experiencing the following error message when are trying to sign in to the YouTube account you have created: YouTube account.

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This account is not yet eligible to use YouTube

This error can be seen when you create brand-new G-Suite accounts, even if you've previously activated YouTube on Google Admin. Google Admin console. This doesn't apply to G-Suite for Education and G-Suite for Nonprofit editions.

What's the cause of this issue occurred? Google claims it's to ensure their systems are healthy. It is most likely to stop spam related to creating new channels, commenting on videos, etc.

Although this restriction may seem reasonable, it's pretty annoying if you use YouTube for business. Perhaps you're required to begin uploading YouTube videos immediately?

This account is not yet eligible to use YouTube, Source: Youtube, COMPUTER MASTER

Perhaps as an owner of your own business or a business owner, you're switching to a brand different G-Suite account and would like to create playlists of songs. It may sound absurd; however, music is an integral component of my writing process.

By Google's documents, the only method to eliminate this restriction is to be able to meet each requirement: conditions:

The G-Suite account has been in use for a minimum of 30 days.

It appears that your G-Suite account has been charged a minimum of $30.

The price of $30, in my view, is quite a bit, as the majority of users sign up with a G-Suite coupon. For instance, I generally find a discount which gives me 20% of one year. It's $6.00 monthly for a G-Suite basic license. It will take five months before you reach the $30.

Pay early

The good news is that when you've had the account for at least 30 days, then you can accelerate the process by making a payment early. So it depends on the level of difficulty you'd like or need to utilize YouTube. Follow these steps.

Error "This account is not eligible to use YouTube": How to fix it, Source: Youtube, ICB Tutorials

Step 1

Log in with Google Admin Console. Google Admin Console. Select "Billing." This can be found on the menu on the left.

Step 2

In the section "Actions," click on "Access billing account."

Step 3.

Review the totals of your previous transactions. Add the rest of the amount until you reach $30. Click"Pay Early" or "Pay Early."

Early payment will grant G-Suite users access to all YouTube features. G-Suite user access to all YouTube features.

NOTE: According to Google, it could require up to 48 hours for all the features and access to YouTube accessibility and functions to be available. My account was down for approximately six hours.


However, I'm unable to find any way to bypass the 30-day waiting period. Therefore, I'd suggest taking on other projects during that period until you can fully utilize YouTube. YouTube account.

I hope this guide has been helpful! If you've experienced similar issues with this, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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